Arduboy not yet shipped!? Order of Nov 16th

I ordered my Arduboy on November 9th and had some e-mail contact with Kevin after that regarding the bugs in the Store system.
But the last feedback I got was on Nov 16th, that there are some supplier issues for my order (but those should be resolved soon), but haven’t got anything since then.

Is he on vacation or something and is there anyone else that can give me some estimation when the Arduboy will be sent out?


Sorry for not responding sooner we have been trying to resolve the situation.

We used a shipping supplier and they completely messed up our account and we are no longer able to ship to some countries.

At this time the options we can offer are giving a refund unless you can wait we will be able to drop-ship directly from the factory but we don’t have an ETA better than a few weeks.

We regret this situation, but it’s totally out our hands as our inventory was hijacked by this terrible company.

If you can please reach us at the store contact page we will be able to help you with however you would like to proceed.

Well, as long as my order will not be forgotten - I think I can wait a little more :wink:

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So, any news on this?

We have arranged a shipment of all outstanding orders or re-shipments to customers who have had some problems. We are awaiting on tracking information, we should be able to email you any day with the information. It should arrive to you in 2-3 weeks. If you don’t get anything by the end of the month please do follow up with us again.

In the meantime please do contact us at if you have any specific issues you need resolved.