Arduboy on firebeetle esp32?

Hello arduboy community!!
I have an esp32 Firebeetle with an attachable oled screen that has buttons on it like this
I’d really like to get arduboy going on this bad boy to develop a slightly more powerful tool for interacting with sensors and timers etc around the farm, and play a few games too.
trouble is i cant find much in depth documentation about the process of getting it going, keep in mind that i’m new to C coming from python.

Any help would be amazing including links, advice or anything!!

Looks pretty cool.

Just looking at the sample programs, the graphics library looks similar to the Arduboy’s. It has some of the same functions to draw basic shapes and graphics from an image. What I cannot see is the ability to mask images which might make directly porting some games across a little tricky.

its an ssd1306, is that not the same as arduboy?

i think that hartmann1301’s Arduboy2 lib port should work fine on ESP32 with a little tuning

Yes it is … and you could look to port the Arduboy library across to use it. I was commenting on what you could do with the standard library for this device.

You might want to look at the link below and the links it references as the ESP8266 is well supported in Arduboy land. I assume this would be easy to move to the ESP32.