Arduboy out of stock in the UK? [Back In-Stock!]

The ArduBoy is out of stock in the UK in every place I’ve tried. Any reason for this?

Popularity? :stuck_out_tongue:


Hope so! Pimoroni is supposed to be getting a new stock in soon. Seeed Studio does also ship to europe if needed.

If you want to help us out @TheArduinoGuy you can let us know your favorite places and we will follow up with them make sure they are re-stocking. Also if you email them and ask it also helps create demand!


As far as I can see, Pimoroni and RobotShop are the only 2 places in the UK selling them.

Pimoroni had stock as at yesterday. Ordered mine as soon as the stock alert email arrived!


Thanks. I’ll order one now.

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Hooray! Thank you very much!

Great! I’m waiting with you…

Seeed Studio is currently having a flash sale with 18 units in stock for $36 USD (~33 Euro) and it ships to Great Britain. Since I’m American, I don’t know the difference between UK, Great Britain, Paraguay, and Whales. I assume they’re all the same thing. Anyway, use this link:

I’m American and I know Paraguay is in South America

Oh, come on. You’re pulling my leg. That’s like saying there’s a West Virginia, but no East Virginia.

You’re forgetting Normal Virginia

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