Arduboy Particle Demo/Simulator/Customizer

ArduboyParticleSystemDemo.ino.hex (37.3 KB)

Just something I’ve been working on for like the past two days. It’s a particle demo/simulator/customizer in that you can change settings at run time. It’s similar to my old trampoline demo, since this also uses a “preview” and “simulation” thing.

If you’re using my particle library, this is a good program to test out different combinations and settings for your game.

Controls are just A or B to switch to preview to simulation (and vice versa of course), and the right key makes values bigger in preview/menu/setting mode, while the left arrow does the opposite (smaller).

Of course, props to @filmote and @Pharap and @bateske everyone who contributed to the 4x6 font! And thanks to @Pharap for teaching me physics lol.

GitHub repo available here. I added the license from @filmote’s library and a notice file indicating what things are protected under one of the licenses. @filmote, If I did something wrong, let me know.


Great work! Who does not love a particle??

I used code written by @bateske and @Pharap and modified by me in a couple of my games. The effect is awesome but this makes it easier to play with and get the right settings.


Really nice! I’d love to use this in my next game. So satisfying to see objects explode with all those particles. Where is your particles library located? Couldn’t find it on your github.


It’s currently right here :slight_smile:

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Thank you :smiley: