Arduboy Plain Text Program

I did a simple entry
Game_Jam_Entry.ino.arduino_leonardo.hex (19.2 KB)

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Unless you’re planning to make a fancy UI that’s 99% of the work done for you,
which may or may not be admissable as an entry…

Another issue is the settings need to be reapplied when you turn the device on.

It would need to be incorporated in whatever game you wanted play. A different approach would be to hack the Arduboy2 library and store the settings in EEPROM and reapply them as part of the boot() process.

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Or this could be a winner as it would still be useless! :+1: That’s another judgement point to win!

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Could just make it a screen test app. Draw different test patterns, set different refresh rates and brightness, have it mimic different dithering patterns would be next level too.

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Yes. It would be totally useless to start the Arduboy and adjust the brightness for an app that didn’t exist. You could dim the screen totally - by turning the Arduboy off - and this would have the benefit of saving the battery as well.

Haha “sleep mode app” where it just runs and goes to sleep.