Arduboy port is nowhere to be seen but used to be

Dear community,

First of all thanks for coming to this post. I’m sure we are all tired to see people not being able to use their newly adopted Arduboy not working (I know I am after reading every post possible).

So basically I received my Arduboy two days ago, and now I want to test multiple games. To do so I followed many different posts (like this one or the classic Quick Start Guide). I’m currently testing on a Macbook Air (running High Sierra 10.13.6) but also tried this afternoon on a more recent machine (still Macbook Air but on Mojave 10.14.5). On both cases, I downloaded the latest version of the Arduino IDE, and tried to have every library updated.

While I was going through the different posts of people struggling to get their port visible I found one that looked a lot like mine (you can find it here) but unfortunately changing cables didn’t help me. I tried 4 different cables, the original one, 2 small that I use for charging headphones and the last one that I use to connect my Kindle (it works very well with my kindle). In every situation, I end up with my Arduboy flashing the red light when I connect it, not the green one though.

BUT! Yesterday night, after trying again to connect it I once again tried to connect the Arduboy (turn it on, connect to laptop, launch IDE, open champagne) and weirdly enough it worked fine! The port was visible and I was able to add a new game!! (I went for MiniRogue)
BUT… I don’t know why today it doesn’t work anymore… The port is nowhere to be seen…

Did it happen to anyone else? :sweat_smile:
Any recommendations?

Previously when using a MacBook Air on High Sierra with a Wemos D1 Mini and Leonardo there was no device identifying itself to the serial ports. I digged through serial interface logs and everything to no avail. I didn’t work it out unfortunately. It was a loan computer which I was returning anyway so on my new 2018 MacBook Air it works. I wish you good luck… What model is it? The USB-C 2018 one or previous MacBook Air?

My MacBook is from 2011, still working and running Photoshop, I mean it sounds like an airplane every time I launch it but still works fine :grin:
But it worked last night, so I know it can work, I just don’t understand how it’s not now when I’m doing exactly the same thing :thinking:

Did you maybe have the laptop plugged into other USB devices when it wasn’t working? And maybe the time it worked was the Arduboy the only thing plugged in?

Just a wild guess maybe it could be a conflict from other USB devices…

Or maybe the cable is only making a partial connection.

The cable you use for the kindle, you download the e-books through the cable right? So it should be a functioning data cable??

Everything I look online actually does seem to indicate the cable is the problem.

I’m wondering if the included cable with the Arduboy is a bad fit for the usb-connectors on macs, like it has more room to wiggle, so the connection isn’t very good?

And just to like triple check, the Arduboy does have to be turned on in order to load a new game.

I can’t add anything useful but at least you ended up with a good game on it :grinning:

1 Like Maybe try this?

That link is from 2012 from an Arduino Mega, I’m all for trying things but I wouldn’t give that much hope.

No, I usually have nothing connected to the laptop, only the Arduboy was.

Yeah, I transfer ebooks to it using it and it works fine, so I expect the cable to be perfect for the job :anguished:

Surprisingly enough the included cable fits perfectly the USB dock and it’s the one I used to transfer MiniRogue so it should be able to work a second time :weary:

It is turned on :slightly_smiling_face: I turn it on before connecting it, then I connect it, and finally launch the Arduino IDE.

Haha true, but Sirene is really not bad, I was very impressed by the game!

Tried, didn’t work :confused:

Thanks for trying guys :space_invader:

I’ve still never tracked this problem down. There is for sure some kind of intermittent problem with ports like this on Macs sometimes and it’s not limited to Arduboy, the Leonardo or other devices also seem to have this kind of issue.

I’d like to continue to work on it but I’m not sure what to do. I’ll keep looking around. If I knew that I could 100% reproduce the problem, I’d go out and buy a macbook to do the testing myself…

It seems the issue is also somewhat related to older systems that have been updated to newer OSes?

@gekographe You might try uninstalling and re-installing arduino maybe?

In the MacOS terminal, run ls /dev/tty* and at the top serial connections will show. See if there are any connected serial devices internally or wirelessly which may be interfering.

Yeah, the problem comes and goes so it isn’t very reproducible and the cause is unclear (to anyone it seems).

When I had issues with my older MacBook, it was running the OS it came installed out of the box with (or at least that’s what the rental company told me) so that might not be true… I think it is driver incompatibility somewhere.

I got this, but I’m unsure of what it means

/dev/tty				/dev/ttysf
/dev/tty.Bluetooth-Incoming-Port	/dev/ttyt0
/dev/ttyp0				/dev/ttyt1
/dev/ttyp1				/dev/ttyt2
/dev/ttyp2				/dev/ttyt3
/dev/ttyp3				/dev/ttyt4
/dev/ttyp4				/dev/ttyt5
/dev/ttyp5				/dev/ttyt6
/dev/ttyp6				/dev/ttyt7
/dev/ttyp7				/dev/ttyt8
/dev/ttyp8				/dev/ttyt9
/dev/ttyp9				/dev/ttyta
/dev/ttypa				/dev/ttytb
/dev/ttypb				/dev/ttytc
/dev/ttypc				/dev/ttytd
/dev/ttypd				/dev/ttyte
/dev/ttype				/dev/ttytf
/dev/ttypf				/dev/ttyu0
/dev/ttyq0				/dev/ttyu1
/dev/ttyq1				/dev/ttyu2
/dev/ttyq2				/dev/ttyu3
/dev/ttyq3				/dev/ttyu4
/dev/ttyq4				/dev/ttyu5
/dev/ttyq5				/dev/ttyu6
/dev/ttyq6				/dev/ttyu7
/dev/ttyq7				/dev/ttyu8
/dev/ttyq8				/dev/ttyu9
/dev/ttyq9				/dev/ttyua
/dev/ttyqa				/dev/ttyub
/dev/ttyqb				/dev/ttyuc
/dev/ttyqc				/dev/ttyud
/dev/ttyqd				/dev/ttyue
/dev/ttyqe				/dev/ttyuf
/dev/ttyqf				/dev/ttyv0
/dev/ttyr0				/dev/ttyv1
/dev/ttyr1				/dev/ttyv2
/dev/ttyr2				/dev/ttyv3
/dev/ttyr3				/dev/ttyv4
/dev/ttyr4				/dev/ttyv5
/dev/ttyr5				/dev/ttyv6
/dev/ttyr6				/dev/ttyv7
/dev/ttyr7				/dev/ttyv8
/dev/ttyr8				/dev/ttyv9
/dev/ttyr9				/dev/ttyva
/dev/ttyra				/dev/ttyvb
/dev/ttyrb				/dev/ttyvc
/dev/ttyrc				/dev/ttyvd
/dev/ttyrd				/dev/ttyve
/dev/ttyre				/dev/ttyvf
/dev/ttyrf				/dev/ttyw0
/dev/ttys0				/dev/ttyw1
/dev/ttys000				/dev/ttyw2
/dev/ttys1				/dev/ttyw3
/dev/ttys2				/dev/ttyw4
/dev/ttys3				/dev/ttyw5
/dev/ttys4				/dev/ttyw6
/dev/ttys5				/dev/ttyw7
/dev/ttys6				/dev/ttyw8
/dev/ttys7				/dev/ttyw9
/dev/ttys8				/dev/ttywa
/dev/ttys9				/dev/ttywb
/dev/ttysa				/dev/ttywc
/dev/ttysb				/dev/ttywd
/dev/ttysc				/dev/ttywe
/dev/ttysd				/dev/ttywf

Please don’t buy a Mac just to help me :sweat_smile: but if you want me to test something for you, I can do that :muscle:

Tried it 3 times, same outcome :confused:

I don’t know anything about macs but that looks like you have a billion things connected, is there some kind of bug where devices are not properly de-enumerated from the os?

Sirene is an excellent game too!

No, those are not connected devices, they are sudoterminals. No bug, just an original thing about UNIX that still happens to show up in MacOS.

Is this with or without the Arduboy plugged in? If the Arduboy was plugged in during this, there is a problem with your Mac connecting at all… It isn’t detecting the device and therefore there is nothing the Arduino app can do. If not, try again. You should see a device at the top named “/dev/tty.usbmodem14201” or something similar.

The Arduboy was connected, just redid it and gave me the same results. There is no /dev/tty.usbmodem14201 :thinking:

Maybe a silly question,
Do you turn your arduboy on when connecting to your MacBook?
I have read from other post’s that this is needed to get a comport visible in a Mac.

Found the topic, it’s a older one (but so is your mac :wink:)

I always try 2 ways, to turn it on before connecting it to the Mac, or to turn it on after I connect it to the mac. In any ways I launch the Arduino IDE after that.

The link you shared basically end with saying that I should get my Arduboy changed, should I do it? It’s frustrating because it did work once! Why is it not working anymore :pleading_face:

I’m sorry to say I’m not a macxpert, but when i read your post it’s a hit and miss situation.
The post i linked is quite old…
if changing you ardu is the way to go maybe @bateske could be of assistance.

It is possible it is a faulty connection inside the Arduboy.

Why don’t you write into and I can try to help you from there.