Arduboy Pro Rumble with Ardumiibo scanner

Check out the newest addition to the homemade Arduboy fam.

Features :
Rumble on SpeakerPin2 using tones library.
Support for scanning in real world items into your game like Nintendo’s Amiibo system, in a less than stylish nod to Tiger Electronics handhelds of the 90s.

Check out the Hackster io page:


YouTube Playlist:


This is incredible! What a fantastic fun idea, would love to see more implementations of this scanner for arduboy games or apps in the future!!

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Thanks! I hope so too. It’s actually not bad to set up. Just a pro micro and a PN532 NFC reader sending a string over.

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The most interesting application I can think of for this is storing level seeds in the NFC tag/string.

Depending on how big a tag/string can be, it may be possible to store more than just a seed.

And depending on how long it takes to transmit the string to the Arduboy, you may be able to get rid of the big ugly String object and just write the data into the Arduboy’s frame buffer (as long as it’s no more than 1KB and not needed for more than one frame).

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pretty straightforward! Which pins from the arduboy are actually receiving data from the reader?

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Haha this is awesome! Now I can start selling NFC tokens woo!

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@Pharap I have a loose grasp of what you just said lmao.

@poevoid serial lines. Tx and Rx. I couldn’t figure out having the timers play nice on the i2c pins that are open so i just went to serial. Never worked with it before, kinda cool. I might make some more accessories that use it! Like a pedometer where you can upload your steps for gamification, or a accelerometer based accessory.

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@bateske do ett. We need an Arduboy icon like a crash bandicoot.