Arduboy Raycasting Demo (video)

After a short “Hello World”, here is my fist dev with the Arduboy Developer Kit :
Source code will be available in few days on Github, I have to optimize and reorganize it.
Rendering is not very nice but Raycasting works :wink:


Oh, I’m really excited to see the source for this. I’ve been wanting to do the exact same thing, but I’d like to get it running at 30 or 60 FPS. I think there may be some opportunities… are you using floats?

Thank you Dreamer3. I’m not using Float, only Integers and I’m using a Cos array too. But I can add some bit shift. I’m not the man who knows everything and dev is just a hobby, not my job, so I think it could be improved, community is here for this :wink:
For now, I just want to make a clear source code that could be understood easily. I think I will make a tutorial (in French for now) with it.

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16 bit ints? I think to get the speed some type of system that uses only 8 bit is going to have to be developed. 16 bit math just eats too many cycles. We need a really simple algo… I’d really love to see something like this running at 30-60FPS.

Wow nice work on the textures!

Have you checked out ‘Faceball 2000’?

By “Integers” I would like to say “no float” not “int”. I’m using uint8_t or int8_t as often as possible but sometimes I have to use uint16_t or int16_t. I need some precision with Raycasting. If there is another way to use only 8 bits numbers, source code will be open source so anybody will be able to make his own version.

Thank you, I’m trying to do my best :wink:

I didn’t know this Game Boy game but maybe it uses Raycasting to. Making Raycasting game on a Game Boy is a challenge !

Still waiting. :smile:

Can we get a zip of the dirty source for now until the clean source is posted? I’d like to use it to educate my own work.

Very sad weekend for my country but I am convinced that most people in the world are good people and wants to make funny things. Arduboy is one of these things and this is why I’m happy to share my work with this community. And we have to go forward !
I really really apologize for the delay but, since June, I didn’t have time to work on it. Now the source code looks nice for me and I think it’s time to share it on Github :

Even if a lot of things can be added or improved, I hope people will have fun with it :wink:


What happened in France was completely terrible :(.
Your code is very impressive. I did not think the Arduboy would be capable of this kind of thing, nice work!

Unfortunately, many countries are experiencing terrorism, not only France…But I’m happy to see the solidarity between our countries :slight_smile:
Thank you very much for the compliment about my source. I hope it will be improved, there is still work to do !