Arduboy replacement face/back plate

I actually meant on a ‘real’ Arduboy but you have answered that as well.

It is fantastic and great!!.

this setup is much neather them my previous messy setup :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably it is difficult for me, but I have to read the topic of the custom boot loader…

Arduboy custom bootloader

And, I imagine like this…
(I do not think of a good shape of the cartridge, so it is strange collage.)


I’m honoured to try out @n602’s 3D printed replacement case design :heart: and had to transplant Arduboy’s guts right away :mask: :stuck_out_tongue:

The design is excellent and tailor made to fit Arduboy :+1: :+1: :+1: I just put in just some bubble wrap to keep the original battery from wobbling and it looks like you can add the expansion connector without replacing the original battery. The Case also acts as a diffuser for the bright RGB LED so it’s actually pleasant to watch the RGB LED now. The power switch also switches on and off easy. the button area feels a bit different because of the right edges but the buttons function perfectly. I don’t want to take out my Arduboy out of it again :joy:

@bateske you don’t have to design a plastic backplate anymore. It’s been done for you :wink:

@Keyboard_Camper The original case fits the backplate near perfectly. Only the original screws are too short.I managed for one screw to get some grip the others just didn’t get anyp. I think they need to be about 1.0-1.5mm longer.


Added video clip showing original front plate:


OMG I need this in my life.

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Thank you, @Mr.Blinky for trying.
And, Thank you for your nice youtube videos!!

-Regarding original face-plate and screw

I think they need to be about 1.0-1.5mm longer.

Yes, perhaps, if the original screw is 1 mm longer, I think Arduboy’s original faceplate can be worn.
I have not confirmed whether the original screw is M1.4, M1.6 or M1.7?, so I have not tried it…

If someone is interested in trying this (but 3D printers are not nearby), I think I can make some sets and offer them.
Anyway, I plan to make several sets.


Was very tired after coming back from work today but this project gave me some more energy. I didn’t had a 12 pin right angle female header so I used two stackable 8 pin ones cut to size to make one.

I cut the end of one of the key pegs and melted a pin from a male header into it and then soldered it to secure the key peg.


I did a mockup of the flash cart and original USB cable inserted at the same time (required for flashing from PC side) There’s not much spacing but with a proper PCB or different wiring a thin flash cart case should be possible.


I’ll save the expansion connector wiring for tomorrow when I’m less tired :sleeping:


I’m wondering if it would be better to spin the back around and put the header to the top. It could possibly reduce the chance of bending the pins.


Actually that’s a good idea. Arduboy would look even more like a gameboy :smiley:
The case is symmetrical and can be turned upside down. The grill at the back will also be above the speaker this way.

I’m thinking to flip the flash cart so wiring can be easier channeled in the case (non crossing wires)


Thank you for thinking up that idea.

I thought that connection equipment such as cradle might be necessary, only thinking of installing the 12 pin header at the bottom.
It was lucky that the back plate was designed to be symmetrical top and down…


Made a new top expansion board so the wiring can channeled nicely and did the wiring today.

Used single core 30AWG wire for the wiring

The new look

and the back

Now I just need that 1800mAh 604050 battery so it lasts 10x longer then the stock battery :smiley:


It’s the great work!!
I have to rewire my prototype…:thinking:


I’d ordered some M1.6 pan head screws and it looks like M1.6 x 4mm will allow the use of the original frontplate with @n602’s back plate.


This is how it looks with original faceplate:


Wow that’s cool.
To be honest, the original face plate is cooler than anything.
If the faceplate is not broken, there is no reason to replace it.:sweat_smile:
The other day, I got the ADVENTURE version of Arduboy, so I am going to look for the M1.6 x 4 screw.

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If only my faceplate wasn’t so much scratched…

Anyway yours looks super nice with that 3d printed back!

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All credits go to @n602 for the back. I think I’ll be changing the faceplates frequently (or I need to get more Arduboys :stuck_out_tongue: ). I like the 3D printed ones too as it has less display glare and diffuses the RGB LED and Rx / Tx LEDs nicely.

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This setup spends a lot of time on my mind.
I was just thinking you could add a second set of headers to the bottom and make a dock with VGA, Line Audio and a Bluetooth capable Arduino for wireless controller.

Switch is taken but you could play with the name ARDUinoBoySwITCH


Life’s a ARDUinoBoySwITCH !


“And then you die.”
(As they say.)

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I’ve modded the backplate with a hole for a small 6x6mm tactile button. Pressing it will reset Arduboy into bootloader mode so it is easy to go back to the flasher menu :smiley:

And before any one asks, yes thats @bateske on the screen :slight_smile:


Between this and you’re tiny arcade mod I sense your Dremmel-fu is powerful.