Arduboy replacement face/back plate

Is it possible to do one that uses the original front cover, but a different backing?

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The I believe the back should fit the original front with longer screws as the front started life as a replacement so all holes should align.

Original thread can be found here Arduboy replacement face plate

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Why longer screw? Can the wells in the backing be made deeper?

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Ha I just had a double take you might actually have enough depth for the existing ones.

But they may be a tad short


Oh, you are right!! I forgot to think about that. Any stronger material would work…

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@n602 If you’re considering selling a few of these. I’m first in line :blush:


I modified the layout of the signal lines a bit and added “update (5/3/2018)” to Thingiverse, thing: 2853120.
( There may be better placement for signal lines.)
If you are interested in CAD files and STL files, please visit there.

Thanks for your advice.
Anyway, I tried it like the picture below. (There may be better arrangements.)
Since it should not affect the design of the back-plate, I will add the file of this prototype to thingiverse.


Oh, Yes, that’s the reason. Thank you for showing it.

Is it possible to do one that uses the original front cover, but a different backing?

I thought I was going to do so, but I noticed it was not easy.
Perhaps high intensity filaments may realize it.
(But I do not have that kind of filament.)

I am honored for your words. Thank you.
Perhaps the market is very narrow, it will be closed if several sets are sold.
And, If I try to sell this, I think it is necessary to select proper connectors, prepare cables and do a variety of things.

If there are only few people who will use this for testing, it is easier for me to send free samples.
It is possible to output several sets of this for some people using it for testing, but the delivery method is not as simple as the data.

It would be nice if everyone could use a 3D printer at school or workplace, but that is not always the case.

Anyway, Probably it takes about 2 hours to print out one set with a slightly polite setting.


That would be awesome. I could send som flash carts in return.


I think that your offer is very appreciated, but it seems that your labor and burden is also great.

If there are people who would like to try this work, that is a blessing for me.
(How many people are there?)
I am glad if I can offer it as a free sample of the product generated from the community.
But I can not make so many numbers. And shipping cost is also necessary.

For example, when sending from Japan to the United States, it takes less than a week to ship Shipping fee US$20.
If it is about a week, the cost is about US$10.
If it is about two weeks, the cost is about US$7, and the method which can not trace is about US$4.

If there is an offer that shipping costs will be paid to me, that is grateful to me.
But how to receive it, paypal ?, remittance to my bank account?
It seems that various procedures have become necessary to receive remittance with paypal.
Also, remittance to a bank account may be higher than the shipping fee.

Considering such things, it seems that it is not easy.
I wish I had something good thought …


Here’s a follow up to the flash cart IDEA. The purple TXB0104 board contains a 3.3V voltage regulator and the TXB0104 level shifter to which the 25Q64 SPI flashchip signals are connected (Good for 8Mbyte of storage) this setup is much neather them my previous messy setup :stuck_out_tongue:


Not to crash the face/back plate topic but … that’s pretty cool @Mr.Blinky and I watched the video. Are all the ins you are using externalised in an Arduboy?

Thank you. Yes,all the pins used are accessible. check out the black wires soldered in @n602 picture above.

This replace face / back plate topic spawned the idea of this flash cart design (I was thinking embedded flash chip before) so I posted it here. I also hope I can inspire @n602 for designing a flash cart ‘sleeve’ case :wink: :blush: or inspire @bateske to add an expansion connector to Arduboy :smile:


I actually meant on a ‘real’ Arduboy but you have answered that as well.

It is fantastic and great!!.

this setup is much neather them my previous messy setup :stuck_out_tongue:

Probably it is difficult for me, but I have to read the topic of the custom boot loader…

Arduboy custom bootloader

And, I imagine like this…
(I do not think of a good shape of the cartridge, so it is strange collage.)


I’m honoured to try out @n602’s 3D printed replacement case design :heart: and had to transplant Arduboy’s guts right away :mask: :stuck_out_tongue:

The design is excellent and tailor made to fit Arduboy :+1: :+1: :+1: I just put in just some bubble wrap to keep the original battery from wobbling and it looks like you can add the expansion connector without replacing the original battery. The Case also acts as a diffuser for the bright RGB LED so it’s actually pleasant to watch the RGB LED now. The power switch also switches on and off easy. the button area feels a bit different because of the right edges but the buttons function perfectly. I don’t want to take out my Arduboy out of it again :joy:

@bateske you don’t have to design a plastic backplate anymore. It’s been done for you :wink:

@Keyboard_Camper The original case fits the backplate near perfectly. Only the original screws are too short.I managed for one screw to get some grip the others just didn’t get anyp. I think they need to be about 1.0-1.5mm longer.


Added video clip showing original front plate:


OMG I need this in my life.

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Thank you, @Mr.Blinky for trying.
And, Thank you for your nice youtube videos!!

-Regarding original face-plate and screw

I think they need to be about 1.0-1.5mm longer.

Yes, perhaps, if the original screw is 1 mm longer, I think Arduboy’s original faceplate can be worn.
I have not confirmed whether the original screw is M1.4, M1.6 or M1.7?, so I have not tried it…

If someone is interested in trying this (but 3D printers are not nearby), I think I can make some sets and offer them.
Anyway, I plan to make several sets.