Arduboy Repo: Any expert in jquery/js?

I want to add something like this:

Or like this:

To my repository:

There is already some metadata into the list:

But I cannot get those components to work. Does anyone know an easier solution? Maybe a template that already includes that?

or… a simpler 1 js file example :stuck_out_tongue: hahah I am quite outdated on all the new node and “npm install” stuff :confused:

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I can help with this, if you want. I’ll be without an internet connection until tonight though, so it might take a little bit.


That would be great!

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Finally got back. Can you make a mock-up image so I can know roughly what you want it to look like? Do you want to remove the filter that is already there?

Yeah, that filter sucks. I will post the mockup soon, thanks :smile:

So I am thinking on something like this:

If you could help me with a stub, that would be great!

The categories are going to be kinda cramped like that. Maybe better a drop-down?

I was thinking the same, but not the “new” category right?

I’d lump the new category with the others… or are there going to be so many new games at once that one would need to further refine the search? :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Hey that game on the right looks great! Who wrote that??


Not sure if I understand. I do not think that you need too many filters but I am thinking that “New” is the most important category, but it is not a category really… mmm, whatever is easier for you

Butting in here … but I agree ‘New’ is really important.

Right now it looks like this:

Do you want me to make any changes, or do I send it as it is so you can tweak the CSS to your liking?

On the javascript side, I wrote pure old-style JS so you can easily change themes in the future without breaking the code too much.

EDIT: The changes are in my fork.
I just noticed the New! icon doesn’t show up for Dark And Under. The timestamp seems to be invalid (has HH instead of hours).

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This is so awesome! Thanks a lot! As far as css, I don’t know much either hahah, but looks quite similar to the current theme so I think it is ok

Also the date is not checked right now while is parsed so… That is why. I am programming something to do automatic submissions instead of using notepad.

Ok, then. PR sent. :slight_smile: