Arduboy Risk? [Board Game] updated

so ive been rolling around ideas for a risk like game in my head, mainly because i love risk but no one will play because it takes too long

im preeeeety shure i could have the skills required to do somthing such as this but want to know if any of you would be interested in playing it?

that would be version one of the map i made when the idea first popped in my head,
update the map is now in place and though, not exactly smoothly, you can move around it :smiley:

now the territories are equily distributed among 6 players (with 2 to be played by “player zero”

you can now distribute your starting troops (34 each player) each player places ALL of his starting troops, then the next player and so on,


per turn troop placement (nearly done)


win screen

lose screen ,

saved 12% of program storage :smiley:


Omg yes, because I love this game but I can’t usually play it because I get upset and flip the table. Can you put in a flip the table option? lol


i can actualy, simalar to what i did with tictaccurly, press b to wipe the board in single player, todays a working day on the farm but i should have a playable version by monday, im probably going to have to dumb it down a littttle bit but it HAS to have a single player option

this thing works in my head so it shouldnt be hard to make it work on the arduboy

but @bateske maby you should make a sledge hammer proof housing for your arduboy before you play juuuuuust to be safe :stuck_out_tongue:

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also mods, i think this post may be in the wrong place

Very nice little map sprite there.

(Although the fact Britain isn’t visible on it is upsetting. Hint Hint)

Also I had a quick look at the code. It includes the word ‘voodoo’ so that’s an automatic +100 style points. Everyone should have a ‘voodoo’ variable.

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voodoo came to mind beacause i HAD to call it something, and in another post (random isnt random)

@crait said this
The arduboy.initRandomSeed() seeds the random number generator using some voodoo magic, I think to make sure you can get good random numbers with the rand().

soooooooooo seeing as anything random must be voodoo magic, voodoo came to be

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well monday is not going to happen, although that goal was for a buggy barley working version anyway, alas farm work takes from my programming time

aaaaaaaaaaand i dont want to be known for making barley working crappy games, soooooooooooooo ya ill keep this updated but not publicly releasing till its full on done working AND WORKING RIGHT

fyi what is on github is old , dosent do much anyway and what it does do is buggy and crappy

it will get done, and it will be great

about 1/3 through the bit of code that says what can attack what and how :smiley:

Is this still a thing or… Is it passed?

the code is available but it dosent do much, you could take the verry unfinished game and make it work if you wanted or wait patiently for a year or two while i get around to it, of my current projects (game related) this one is number 2 on the list, and i havent had he time to work on number 1 in over a week maby two

it will get donw, when who knows , any time soon? no

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