Arduboy Schematic For PCB Making (Micro)

Hi.I spent the last few days working on this Arduboy schematic. I was hoping maybe somebody could check it and tell me what to improve or if it’s okay. Hopefully this will be easy for beginners to follow, and make their own Arduboy. You might be wondering what this is for, basically, the hard part is already done. In your editor, you can turn this into a pcb by clicking a few things, and lay it out however you want. This is my first schematic (and maybe soon to be PCB) so I would really appreciate any feedback + tips.

EDIT: All the wiring to the pins is from Production Arduboy diagram, I just followed those and made the schematic version of it, I might use it in the future for a PCB.

EDIT 2: Added public schematic link.

It says permission denied on the link you might need to set it public.

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It says I have to use the EDA editor for more than 30 minutes to make it public. Or is there a different way?

Haha I dunno, that’s a weird requirement though.

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public link added :wink: