Arduboy Screwhole Type?

Since im planning to emulate the front cover, I need to figure out the screwhole type it uses. Does anybody know what it is?

It is not too much of help because I cant find any results for the screws itself, let alone the screwhole. Can you link me to a page of M2.5x2 countersunk head?

I think the screw type in that thread is incorrect. The diameter of the screw is ~1.6mm and it’s length including head is ~3.6mm so I think it should be more like M1.6x3. The screw head is not countersunk either but flat.

Edit: I think the head type is called wafer head

Edit 2:
using my digital slider tool:

  • length including head: ~3.64mm
  • head thickness ~0.73mm
  • thread outer diameter: ~1.54mm
  • thread inner diameter ~1.42mm
  • head diameter ~3.5mm

Edit 3:
The Arduboy’s back case hole size is ~1.8mm and the flat sunken hole area is ~4.8mm.

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I see that based on @Mr.Blinky measurements that screw size in the link I pasted was wrong, as he said, this is probably an M1.5-M1.6 x3

Thanks for the measurements, can you measure the front parts screwholes?

Pretty sure its M1.5x3 I have a few replacements if you need some.

I dont need replacements, I want to emulate the screwhole in tinkercad, can I have the diameter of the screwhole? or is it 1.5 or 3mm?

The screw hole diameter is 1.5mm

cool. Ill go emulate it in cad

Behold! The arduboy screwhole prototype!

It took me awhile but I eventually reached a working prototype where the screw fits!

The only issue is that the screw only goes in well on the bottom, maybe its just an issue with the plastic.

Here it is anyway with the screw attached!

I took 5mm cylinder and holed out a 2mm portion in tinkercad. Heres the model if you want to use it.

I was trying to get AutoCAD (And I do got a peek from my grandfather, but I do not even know how to place/draw a cube…
It looks interesting.
They are by Autodesk? Ooo…
Well, hello, Autodesk (They are not new to me, I used to have a Autodesk ForceEffect)
Whoops did I necropost…:no_mouth:


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so if I missed a screw on my Arduboy, I can simply buy some M1.5 * 3 screws and get make it just like nothing happened?
or does M1.6 or M1.4 works, it was so difficult to find M1.5 on Taobao here in China. And I have ordered the wrong screws… :no_mouth:

Will just work fine.

thanks a lot. now I can freely loss my screws LOL:rofl: