Arduboy Shield

I decided I wanted something a bit more permanent than the usual breadboard installation for my DIY Arduboy. So I soldered the peripherals to a proto shield.

Mine was built mostly from my parts bin, meaning it initially used a Leonardo (the only 32u4 based Arduino I had) and a proto shield with a breadboard on top. The wiring is as per Scott. Being from the parts bin, it got a large through hole RGB LED instead of the nice small part he used, but it works. Moving it to a new shield gave me a bit more room for the peripherals.

For strain relief, there’s a bit of instamorph visible in the photo wedged under the lower corners of the LCD board. All the wiring is on the underside of the shield, covered by some 50mm (2" in old money) gaffers tape. It’s even red to match the proto board :-).

The only part that hasn’t been discussed in a variety of other posts ithe the proto shield. I used one of these: They’re inexpensive - cost less than a clone mini or micro - and handy for such things.


Is the RGB LED common anode or common cathode? Usually the leaded ones are common cathode whereas the SMT ones like the Arduboy’s are common anode.

I don’t see any dropping resistors for the RGB LED. Are they on the bottom?

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It’s common anode, and the resistors are on the bottom.


Ayy! Arduboy Assistant! Were you using this to test the button input and such?

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Yup. The Rx & Tx LED tests even light up the Leonardo LEDs.

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i want oneeeeee however i only have an uno and a mega , aaaand only have a prototype shield for the mega :frowning: