Arduboy showing up as "Sparki Programed" in Device Manager

I just got my Arduboy two days ago. Windows 10 did not recognize my Arduboy after I plugged it into the USB port. After I plug it into the USB port, and turn it on, in Windows Device Manager, the Arduboy is showing up as “Sparki Programed” (Spelled with one “m.”). If I open up the Arduino IDE while the Arduboy is plugged in and turned on, the IDE will immediately shut down. If I open up the Arduino IDE while the Arduboy is turned off, the IDE will open. I tried two different USB cables, both of which work with other devices. I appreciate any suggestions. Thanks for reading.

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Have you installed other board files before with Arduino or is this a fresh install?

It seems like there is some kind of conflict happening. If it isn’t a fresh install of Arduino I would try reinstalling that.

You might also try using or the hex uploader by @crait

Let us know a little more info if you can. thanks!

Hey, @DoomEyes! Do you mind following the instructions that I have included in this thread and letting me know if that works out for you?

Thank you @bateske and @crait for your help. The first time I installed the Arduboy, I followed exactly the Quickstart Guide, but I did install an Arduino UNO right before Arduboy, so perhaps that caused the problem. I uninstalled everything, and I followed your suggestions, and now it is working.

I manually installed the drivers as @crait suggested on his post. My Windows 10 still does not show any acknowledgement that an Arduboy is attached when I plug it into any USB port, but it does show up in the device manager.

I am able to use the Arduino IDE to upload sketches to the Arduboy.

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