Arduboy: SlimBoy. My DIY

What’s the history behind the micro cards? Which came first? Who made the games?

It was dedicated Tetris game made by Arduboy Inc under licenced. I was shown by @mr.blinky how to flash it with other games.

Interesting. They are on Amazon in Canada and much cheaper than trying to ‘import’ an FX. Hmm

I don’t think you are really comparing apples with apples. A dedicated Tetris game against an Arduboy that can hold hundreds of games? The MicroCard is not even designed to be programmable - you cannot flash it via the USB, you need to open it up and use a programmer.

It is a very good Tetris game though (and a 1943 game :slight_smile: )

I get that. But $100CAD vs $19CAD is a bit of a stretch. This is the primary reason I built one out of spare parts. Gotta make the dollar go a bit further these days.

Agreed … thats quite a difference!

I think you are looking at the Micro Arcade which is a totally different beast. That’s color screen and uses a epoxy blob processor that can’t be reprogrammed.

Oh interesting. They are. Totally different maker then? But that’s the norm for Canada. Pricing doesn’t make a lot of sense haha.

Apparently, Digikey will order the Tetris Microcard from Seeed, but MOQ is 10,000 pieces.

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That’s odd. when ISP-ing the Tetris® MicroCard you can actually use the full 32K (31.5K when compiling for the Uno)

This is the first post about the micro arcade, they are made by super impulse they were licensed from me after the micro card was discontinued.

Thanks @unwiredben now we just need a half a million bucks to start up production again! p.s. I never even made that many, I think only 5 or 6k in total.

Mouser said minimum order quantity was 1000 units… I think they may have old info :slight_smile: