Arduboy Smart Home Demo

Gole 1 5 inch mini pc

Ab-Command Shell


Voice Macros


Much better than one of those mass-produced thingies the big companies are selling because you can be ensure your voice/data sn’t being harvested and saved to the cloud for unscrupulous reasons.

Proabably cheaper too :P.


How to make your Arduboy a Sm-Arduboy "smartuboy"
This is a super abstract, creative, fun proof of concept in the early stages, showing how to integrate and interface Arduboy into larger projects. You can pull essentially live info off the web to your Arduboy. If we make a standalone rechargeable a dock that has these capabilities, that would be awesome. You could ask for the weather, and then adjust the temp accordingly. By the way, you can set this up on any Windows machine. Essentially my idea was to create an interface for when you are plugged into the computer, to be able to adjust things around your house, or get info to the screen. You could load a game, (with your voice!) to untether with, and then come back to a full loop when you plug back in by saying “return to command” or something like that, and your macros would open all the necessary windows and make all the necessary connections. We could also make voice activated games.

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