Arduboy still hot in 2022?

I was just wondering if there’s still community around creating new games and support? I bought an Arduboy FX and I’m happy with the 200 games but it could be cool to see how people develop new ideas.

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Sure is! You’re in it! While things aren’t as active as they once were, we are still chugging right along. Lots of people waiting on the new FX. Latest threads are posted at the top right of the page, you can see some current development right now taking place:

@clintonium-119 is going after a Prince of Persia remake:

@drowsy_oak is looking at the ability to add lots of collectible monsters using the new hardware.

You can also view the games category by “Newest” which will show them in the order they were created:

Over a dozen games have been made since the FX, and we hope more to come!

A wordle clone by @vampirics is a pretty solid game that’s been published recently.

There will be a game jam soon for the new hardware with prizes for games that use the expanded memory. Pre-existing games will be eligible and the game jam will be probably 3 months long to give people a lot of time to develop.

And to throw a little meme action in here:


Definitely still working on a game as well (now that finals are finally over :dizzy_face:)

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So are @Vampirics and I … a nice simple shooter.


Can’t wait to see what you come up with.

Yup! I’m working on a new game right now! :smiley:


Good to hear … the community is alive!

I’m scrambling to get ducks in a row for the game jam but I want it to be bigger than ever. Prizes that are order of magnitudes greater than we’ve ever seen. STILL on my to do list is try to plug into the and get that working easy, I should probably try to see if I can work with the team there.

Anyone know anyone over there or where I should tweet at? heh.

@bateske I think generally creating a jam is a straightforward self-service thing. I’m not sure how prizes might affect that, though!

And @filmote, yeah! I’ve been studying a spoken language called Toki Pona which is super simple. I’m shooting to resurrect my LD44 project to make a bilingual lode runner adventure game that might also teach you a bit of the language.


Ooooh … I love Lode Runner!

Linguistics happens to be one of my other hobbies, so I’ve come across Toki Pona before. It’s not a conlang I’m particularly interested in, but it’s interesting to see someone attempting this sort of thing.

I previously made my Minesweeper game available in different languages with some contributions from other forum users.