Arduboy still on pre-order?

I would like to buy an arduboy and some of the posts look like they are being shipped but the store says they are still on preorder.

What are the actual updated ETA’s

Hey Duhjoker,

Production is all dialed in, and the 10,000 or whatever units for Kickstarter were crafted and are shipping. Then a surplus is also being produced to meet the orders placed via the webstore. The Arduboy will probably be in a Pre-order state until the first round of those orders are shipped. It’s a first come first ship on the webstore as of now.

We will do a Community, Twitter, Facebook, etc update when the first webstore shipment goes out, I would guarantee that!

There may be a better way to optimize the shipping by region or something, but shipping by order number seems the best way to ship to those who ordered first : P

My order number is #R931038985
I don’t suppose I could get an ETA? When I ordered it said it was shipping in April, that doesn’t seem likely anymore

I second that, my order confirmation # is R415584765
I ordered mine back in February, but would like some sort of ETA at this point. I understand that you guys are very busy with production at the moment, but a little bit of communication would definitely go a long way. Thanks!

FYI, your Contact Us part of your store website gives an error when trying to submit a message, otherwise, I wouldn’t have commented on this thread.

Aye… thank you, will look at it.

And to address the order status of webstore orders, they are being filled after Kickstarter users, and production is in full effect. Kickstarter users will all have their units soon and then its on to the webstore orders. Orders will be processed in order recieved.

@bateske may have some more input. He is back in the US after being in China just this week I believe, so can start using the internet again : )

Should be working now, thanks for the notice!

Where can i find a complete games list.

you can find it on the top of the community web page.

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For ease,

But it should show up as a banner for all users. It is possible to close it. If you close it and would like to find it again, always try the search feature in the upper right : ).

Or, instead of having to search for it after closing it, bookmark it first. That way you can use the Bookmarks tab at the top of the main forum page whenever you want to easily view it.

To bookmark a topic, there’s a link labeled Bookmark near the bottom of the topic’s page.

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Happy to say I just pre-ordered my Arduboy from the website this morning. Really looking forward to getting it so I can have a crack at coding some games for it.

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I get we are after the kickstarters, but when? When I ordered it said shipping in april. And I was looking forward to it

Kevin will be back in a few days. I fully expect him to post in this thread with an official update on the webstore shipment time. I would love to give everyone exact dates, but I don’t have them myself. Only he knows whats going on with the production etc right now, so get in here @bateske!

Thank you. That’s more than I got from oculus…

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This should be our main websites title :smiley:

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I too ordered last week (order no. R286655027) and the shipping state just says “backorder”. I get it if it is going takes a while, but to be charged right away for something that’s on backorder and might take weeks (months?) to ship… that puts me on edge a little.

I’m very eager for any sort of status update. I inquired through the contact form a couple days ago and haven’t received a reply.

When I posted on twitter the other day that I had just ordered from the Arduboy website, Kevin replied and said they’d be shipping at the end of the month. He wasn’t any more specific than that and didn’t mention specific order numbers or anything.

I’m so impatient, the wait is hard, but I am looking forward to getting mine!

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So the end of May? That’s an answer at least!

Still a little annoyed they charged me before shipping. That’s fine for Kickstarter, but kind of not ok when I’m just buying a thing off a website.

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I was surprised about the charging before shipping thing too - but they do at least mention on the site that they will do it, so you can decide if you’re okay with it I guess…

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