Arduboy Support Issues

I am fairly new to the forums, so I apologize if this is covered somewhere else or if this is in the wrong category.

Long story short, I have sent a total of 4 messages to the Arduboy support team over the last month and a half. They have literally never replied to me.

I used to work tech support so I have checked the standard places like spam folders and what not.

I have recieved 5 automated messages from them, but no human replies.

The most important part of this issue is that they sent me a shipment confirmation for the Arduboy I purchased from the site, but the USPS tracking page says that they never recieved the item. They just have the pre shipping. I got the confirmation on jan 16, 12 days ago.

If anyone has any suggestions, I would love to hear them.

The short version of your story is some shipments got mistakenly left behind but will come on the way.

Longer version is actually impossible to tell right now. You can check that other post for a little more details.

If you need to cancel you can write to

I appreciate the detailed reply, but I still don’t know what to do.

I have an email saying that my order has shipped, but it seems like it hasn’t. Which is fine, but how do I know that I’m not going to get lost in the system.

I’ve now recieved 3 messages that offer for me to cancel via the contact. Its starting to feel more like a suggestions than an option.

Part of me wants to cancel to not have to think about it anymore, but submitting a ticket to the contact page also seems like I’m going to get lost in the system.

Do you get the pinch here?

Sure, but also, I just told you that responding to people to say “it’s on the way” is in fact something I would like to do but am finding it difficult to take the time.

I don’t know what else to do than offer refunds.

It puts me in a difficult situation too because I’m being a punching bag for several dozen people just like yourself who just want an update but also don’t want to cancel so in the meantime all I can do is just respond to emails.

At some point I just stopped and decided to do more productive things with my time.

It sucks, but the alternative is shutting the business down and nobody gets anything so, sorry.

It sucks to hear your so stressed. I know how startup life can be.

I’m not even mad, so it sucks to hear you feel like a punching bag.

If you are looking for someone to freelance some support hours to get tickets resolved, I might be able to get you connected with some people.

Regardless, I like the product, I like the community, and I’m not wanting to cancel. As a customer buying from a company for the first time, I’m just wanting assurance that I haven’t fallen through the cracks.

One thing I highly suggest is to remove the “We will try to respond within 24 hours” line from the contact page. If that wasn’t there, I wouldn’t be so concerned about delayed replies. I can see from these comments that you are wanting to do right by the customer. If I knew that before, a 24 hour reply wouldn’t matter. Getting an auto reply saying “we are playing catch up on tickets” would be nice after a submission as well.

But hey, I get you’re busy and that changing things is work. So I understand if things stay the same.

Keep up the passion. :slight_smile:


I recently ordered a set from the store page, might I assume a long delay before hearing any news? I don’t mind either way, just curious.

One thing I am a huge fan of, is how open some smaller organisations are, it really helps keep the customers on side :grin:. I think all of us here understand that your role is difficult even if we don’t often say how much we appreciate your hard work. (Same goes for the other people with similar products, I know there is a good crossover in the community).

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Hang in there it’s on the way soon!


To anyone still watching this thread, I just got home from work and my arduboy way waiting for me.

Thanks again to @bateske for taking the time to reply. :slight_smile:


Great to hear!

Now that you have it … what are you going to do? Play or build??

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@filmote hopefully both, but tbh I don’t have time to mess with it tonight. I played the preinstalled game (which I freaking love the art on) but now I need to get back to work.

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Was that Mystic Balloon? Great game.

Should be Sirene

Ah yes, another awesome game.

Enjoy! It’s a neat little device!

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It is Sirene.

Glad to hear that the wheels of production are still turning. :slight_smile: Hoping mine turns up eventually :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ve been talking to Seeed and the situation in China is slowing things down because many people are working from home, but I’ll have a update later today or tomorrow. I’ve been talking to my rep over there but she isn’t actually the one doing the shipping so it is taking some more time than it would otherwise.

Still moving along just very slowly, apologies for the delay.

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No worries :blush: I never even thought of the China situation but it makes sense :blush:

Have there been any updates on the situation? I assume the lack of work force is still slowing things down? :thinking::face_with_monocle:

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