Arduboy taking really long time to ship

Hi, I ordered my Arduboy from the website in August. About a week later I got an email saying that it had been shipped. Two months later, when I click on the tracking number for the order, it still says “pre-shipment, USPS awaiting item”.

I tried filling out the contact form on the website about a week ago, but I got no response. Has anyone else had to wait this long to get their Arduboy?

@bateske should be able to help.

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Whoah! For sure you should have recieved it. If you don’t get a package in a week domestic or 3 weeks international we recommend writing in.

Lately customer service has been suffering due to the power outages and wildfires in California. (That’s where my office/home is/was and I’m currently in the process of moving)

Will respond to emails very soon (hopefully tomorrow). You’ll get an Arduboy in the end sorry for the trouble.