Arduboy top 10 games so far video now on YouTube

Hi all, we are not in a position at the moment to be able to programme our own games to share with the community, but we would still like to contribute and give something back. So in the past we have made a couple of videos on our Let’s Talk Retro YouTube channel about the Arduboy and its games. Today we are pleased to announce that are latest video is called Arduboy - Top ten games so far. So as you’ve probably guessed it’s a top ten countdown of the great games we’ve enjoyed playing the most since receiving our Kickstarter Arduboy’s.

If you’ve made a game that’s made our top ten then congratulations and thanks for making such a great game. If your game didn’t make it please don’t take it personally as we have probably enjoyed your game as well as we have played most of them. It was extremely hard deciding which games made it into the top ten and some very good games had to be left out for various reasons. Mainly because we could obviously only include ten.

If your new to Arduboy and maybe have just got yours in the post then we hope you find our video interesting and that it will help you to decide which games to play first on your new Arduboy.

Our video can be found by searching for our channel Let’s Talk Retro on YouTube or by using the link below.

Thanks for reading and watching. We can’t wait to play some new Arduboy games very soon and who knows in a few months time there could even be a follow up video with a whole new top ten.

Colin & James
(Let’s Talk Retro)


Great video, guys, and thanks for sharing! All those are pretty fun games. :slight_smile: Wish I could have made it onto the list, but I guess that just encourages me to release more games for it! :smiley:

Thanks for spreading the word about this lil’ device and post some more videos if you decide to talk more about the Arduboy.


Hi Crait, many thanks for your kind words about our video and thanks for taking the time to watch it. It was a really hard job deciding which games made it on to the list and your games were very close especially Train Dodge which we have enjoyed playing.

A couple of months ago we made a video called 5 Great Arduboy games and our next Arduboy video will be a follow up to that called you’ve guessed it, 5 More Great Arduboy Games. We have already put Train Dodge and a couple of other games that didn’t make our top ten this time on to the short list for that video.

You have already contributed a huge amount to the Arduboy community with your games and your Arduboy Manager software so please keep up the good work and hopefully we will see one of your games in our top ten next time.

Regards, Colin & James
(Let’s Talk Retro)

Thanks a lot for the video!
I’m very happy that you selected Bangi as one of your top games. :slight_smile:

On Friday I released the final version (1.0) of Bangi with 45 levels and some improvement over the beta version. Thanks to your support I’m encouraged to do some other game (or maybe app). Any idea or suggestion for a new game?

Best regards!

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Hey man. Train dodge and chicken launcher are cool, train dodge is just super stressful man. Like, really really stressful. Haha. Thats a mark of a great game

The arduboy manager is a big help, especially for idiots like me. So know that your work is GREATLY appreciated. Youve also got some cool looking games coming up that i cant wait for man.

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Dude bangi has become a fast favorite. Ive gotten to level 39, but man is it hard.

As for game suggestions, well to me arduboy needs rpgs/ adventure games. A clone of adventure for the atari 2600 would be super cool. Just sayin.


Thanks for the feedback about Bangi (only 6 levels remaining to complete the game) :wink:

To be honest I don’t like very much the rpgs/adventure games. Also, Arduboy has low memory and this does not help to make a big rpg game.
Good thing is that Arduboy has a fast CPU and a good screen that allow fast action games with a nice frame rate. I want to develop a better game than Bangi, but I need a good idea and also a good 1-bit pixel artist that help me with the graphics/animations of the game. :fearful:

Id still like to see an adventure clone, but i understand man. Im also no pixel artist, but i can still throw out game ideas.

Joust is a classic and i feel like thatd be really fun on arduboy. Id like to see more platforming sidescrollers, right now weve got squario and mystic balloon. An arduboy beat em up like streets of rage would be pretty cool too.

Theres just so many great, simple games to draw inspiration from. Contra, metroid, joust, streets of rage. Sadly, i know next to nothing about programming, but im trying to learn.

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We would like to suggest a top down driving game, something maybe like Spy Hunter. We must admit were not sure if that would be doable though.

I’ve yet to test this game out, but Pico Racers seems promising. :slight_smile: AND it was programmed by TEAM a.r.g, so you know it’s going to be good quality.

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