ArduBoy using an Arduino Nano?

I am trying to build an ArduBoy clone so I can strat writing games for the ArduBoy. I’ve successfully created one using a Yun as it has the MEGA32u4 chip but want to use an Arduino Nano instead. Trying to compile for the Nano throws up all kinds of errors.

So, has anyone tried this before and if so were you successful?



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The Arduino Nano uses an ATmega328 processor instead of the ATmega32u4 used on the Arduboy.

The ATmega328 only has 2K of RAM instead of 2.5K. It also has a different USB interface. These and other differences mean that not all Arduboy sketches would be able to run on a Nano based system.

However, a while back I ported the Arduboy library to work with the Nano and other ATmega328 based boards. It’s incomplete and out of date so it may need some work to get some sketches working on it, especially if they use the newer Arduboy2 library and other Arduboy support libraries.