Arduboy Utility : Android Application to upload, backup, and so on

I released an Android Application named “Arduboy Utility”.

Of course there is nice application “Arduboy Mate” already.
But I’d like to backup/restore EEPROM image.

Special thanks to @huard_olivier.

Source code.


Oh wow! arduboy: protocol support in Android! Amazing :smiley: this is now the recommended tool for my repo

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This is pretty cool. Is it just serial monitor supported or does it also support screen mirroring? It would nice to be able to cast the screen buffer to TV.

Thanks to your web site and this protocol, I was freed from implementing listing games/apps! :smiley:

Yes. This app supports screen mirroring.
Of course the Arduboy must output memory dump like this.


Hey, would it be possible to add a QRCode reader for arduboy links?
I would add a QRCode generator to my IDE, this could make it easy to test in actual hardware.

I just tested casting to my chromecast it works but feels a little laggy (could be my outdated gear) but it’s still cool.


You mean that 3rd URL should be added to “Find from web” list?

Actually lagging also occurs in case of PC.
I think serial-linking is bottleneck.

I actually created an dedicated Android App that would specifically be for screen mirroring. @bateske uses it at expos and stuff to display the Arduboy’s screen on a a tablet or two to grab attention. (You can see Circuit Dude in this pic! :smiley: )

I probably should actually release the APK for this… I think I still have a Google Play developer account I could actually use, but I’ve never published anything if someone wants to help. It’s VERY fast and movement is pretty much 1:1, even at fullscreen. Not sure how to Chromecast it other that to screenshare on compatible Anrdoid devices that support that.


Please give me a shout if you decide to release the APK :+1:t2:

Can someone help me. I’m use an android phone with a USB c (with otg adapter), but I can’t get the arduboy to connect to Arduboy Utility.

Im actually dealing with the same issue now did you ever figure it out