Arduboy VMU Edition

(Scott R) #21

I just happened to be looking at these ones because I like the curved front.


(Shawn) #22

You’d have to buy a used or new-old stock (I haven’t seen any aftermarket shells yet). In fact used ones aren’t even much cheaper than brand new in box ones (like $7 vs $8-10 for a single vmu, or ~$15 for a two pack brand new). I just ordered a sealed green one for $8 with free shipping a few days ago. Alternatively it should be entirely possible to model and 3d print a replacement shell.

Thanks for the kind offer to help me with getting pre-assembled kits, I’ll send you a pm when I’ve fixed the issues I’ve found and we can look into getting a batch made for everyone! I was planning on hand assembling but outsourcing assembly will save me a lot of headache.


(Scott R) #23

There’s a few vmu things that could possibly be remixed to a 3D printable shell leaving the rubber pads and cool little piezo to be sourced

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(Holmes) #24

A C button would be just like the A or B button, but a third button. I can’t remember, but maybe the A4 line could be used? Of course, new sketches would need to be made to use the button.


(Shawn) #25

Ah I gotcha, physically there wouldn’t be an issue doing that but I would be hesitant to have games that would only play on this arduboy but not stock ones which could be unnecessarily irritating to people trying to play the game on an original arduboy only to find they cant. Additionally, the sleep (used for power) and mute (reset) are almost flush with the front of the vmu so are pretty difficult to accidentally push so I could imagine it would be a huge pain to have to use more than occasionally for core gameplay.


(Kevin) #26

Your mod was featured on hackaday @sjm4306!

I guess I need to make a badge for this! Great job!


(Shawn) #27

Thanks @bateske! I’ll to upload a making of video shortly as well which I’ll link here for those interested.

… And here’s the video:


(Holmes) #28

BEAUTIFUL! I really am hoping to get my hands on one of these. <3

EDIT: Circuit Dude looks really good in that. :smiley:


(Kevin) #29

What is the blue led to the left of the screen?


(Shawn) #30

It’s a kinda pointless power indicator that I’ll probably omit in the next version or just not populate.


(Kevin) #31

Is it possible to construct this with keeping the plastic screen to cover the OLED?


(Shawn) #32

Quick update, I’ve just received v2.0 boards fresh from China, will solder it up this weekend but doing a quick test fitting showed that all the physical hole size and cutout problems I had in v1.0 are fixed! I’ll post pics/a short video after I’ve validated the board.


(Tarnatos) #33

Do you mind sharing the gerber file?