Arduboy was a Boat Monitor [History]

Was chatting with @eried via email and shared this with him and thought others might enjoy it as well:

Do you know this was actually the true beginning of Arduboy? Boat monitor. I had a friend of mine who had purchased a boat and it had a small leak in it so he had to visit it every couple of days to check on it and bilge it if it needed.

But actually most of the time it was dry, it was a very small leak. I told him it would be pretty easy to rig up an arduino and a water sensor with a sim card to text him if there was a leak… and actually I could make it control relays so he could also turn on and off the pump remotely.

He told me this would be an amazing product that lots of people with boats would want it, but I said… look this is so easy, it’s only about 50 dollars in parts.

You can almost see the design resemblance to the Arduboy already. The display behind the clear front cover…

So I put it together, and I had most of the fun playing with the character display, but was always wanting graphics.

For the project, I had made my own pcb, and that made me want to make my own reflow oven. For the reflow oven I chose the SSD1306 OLED module from adafruit to be the display for that, because I would want a graph.

Then I realized the OLED was amazing for gaming and wanted to make the smallest game system I could:

Then the rest is kind of history… if you don’t know it check it here:


Arduboy with a SIM card… :thinking:

You know sir that the game you have in that video is illegal in our community?


just some moving forms… any resemblance with another existing game could only be a coincidence, i think :smiley:


You can post videos of your own projects that promote fair use of trademarked properties. Games that can be downloaded for the Arduboy console that violate trademarks are not able to be posted.