Arduboy wikipedia page could use some help

Just checked out the Arduboy Wikipedia page and it is very brief and doesn’t even have pictures.

Does anyone have any experience contributing to Wikipedia? I have only done minor edits on pages in the past.


I didn’t even realise there was a Wikipedia page for it.

There probably isn’t an image because Wikipedia is pedantic about licencing.
They have to have creative commons/public domain stuff.
Article content also has to be referenced, and they prefer media articles.


Me neither … I just had a look. Very depressing and I think it needs a picture of Dark & Under :slight_smile:


Heyyy, its radical leem from reddit. haha. Small world

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I added a few things to get things started, hopefully others will start to fill it in.

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I fixed the hardware spec.

I’m not sure it’s worth doing a games section, the list will get unmanagable.

Besides which it’s missing Dark & Under and most of @filmote’s games :P


I was just trying to add things to get it going. The games section would likely need to be its own page like it is with the gameboy but listing some notable games like Arduventure probably makes sense.

Thank you for working on the Wikipedia page! I really think it is important to make a decent page for Arduboy so that it is easier for people to learn about the system.

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Thanks for the edits friends! Lol I feel like the notable games section is going to grow somehow…


After editing the Arduboy page there has been a massive jump in page views! Could still use a lot of work though so please help if you can.

WOW! THIS IS AMAZING! Circuit Dude is actually mentioned on Wikipedia! My dream has come true. :slight_smile:


I was actually considering writing more about Circuit Dude as I believe it is the first (only?) game that was developed on Arduboy and then ported to steam but I don’t feel I know enough about the game and its development.


Yeah, I believe it’s the first game to make that jump. :slight_smile: Not sure what else could be said, though. Except maybe the website:

Those notable games are all fantastic in their own right, too.


All of the Notable Games should include references to their respective home pages.


Agreed! Hopefully someone steps up and does it.

We need someone to upload a good photo of the Arduboy as the creative commons licensed photo i found is being flagged as a copyright violation. I only have the Arduventure SE so if someone could please take a good photo of an Arduboy and post it to the wikipedia page.

Did the source licence it under creative commons or did you take it from another source and then claim it was released under creative commons?

If it’s the former and you can prove that, contest it.

If it’s the latter, they’re completely correct - that’s a copyright violation.
People are so used to just grabbing images off of Google that they don’t realise that technically that’s a copyright violation.

This is precisely what I meant when I said:

My camera isn’t really good enough to take something suitable, and the sun isn’t up anyway.

I am 99% sure it is actually fine as it comes from a flickr account and clearly had an acceptable licence but i actually don’t like the photos and am pretty sure someone here could make a better one.

Surely the one from the Arduboy website is appropriate ?

I am not sure what licence that image is under and it would be good if the screen showed a game.

Right … I guess the picture’s copyright is owned by Kevin.