Arduboy wikipedia page could use some help

It might actually be even more complicated than that depending on how Kevin organized things legally and how the pictures were produced.

Simplest thing, is one of us takes a picture and posted it to wikipedia with a highly permissive licence.

I will take a pic of one with my game on it!


You can use this photo that I took under Creative Commons.


LOL … mine wasn’t going to have my face on it!


Probably best if you post it as you are the owner of the copyright.

I am curious what the history of the different color arduboys is as I came to the party late. Was that a kickstarter thing?

I removed the notice.

If it gets reverted I will happily fight the reversion because it’s as plain as the nose on my face that none of the images flagged by the reverse image searcher actually match the image in question.
Half of them aren’t even running the same game.

Yep, kickstarter only, never been done since.

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Sounds like a good tidbit to add to the wiki :wink:

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In no particular order

Red Blue Yellow and Green were Kickstarter rewards.

White Kickstarter units have black A B buttons like the coloured units.

Gold backed units were also a reward option it’s matte anodised and not glossy and etched like shown on the Kickstarter page.

There was 2 dev kit units the initial run were sold via Tindie and has some different logos and silkscreen.

First run kistarter units had speaker holes in the pcb.

Initially there was no locktight on the screws and some users lost them this was later rectified. Current production units also now use a screw with a larger head.

The piezo looks different in the current units (arduventure)and the battery now has larger solder pads hinting at board revisions.

There’s a titanium backed Arduboy apparently.

9ct gold was also an option I have no idea if it was made.

Pink and purple were shown as pre release units

The pre release units had a buzzer to the upper right and some had extra plastic that made them look like Pac-Man cherries - I refer to them as cherry button models.

A chunck of the second batch of Kickstarter units had the RGB led installed upside down.


The speaker holes can be viewed on the red unit
I can upload images of the backplates if required.

The original Arduboy and microcard are 328p based.

Kiskstarter unit backplate numbering:
Silver 1 of 10000
Gold 1 of 250


Also, a good number of Kickstarter and production units don’t have the bootloader protection fuses set properly, making it possible to overwrite the booloader via a USB upload.


I’m going to be adding a disclaimer page to the website soon that is going to explain fair use of the Arduboy intellectual properties, namely the trademark. So people will know if they can use images or not.


At around the stage the newer packaging arrived the factory moved from using masking tape to kapton tape.

Both the Microcard and Production Arduboy have had two box revisions.

I’m not sure when but it seems that coloured arduboys were also shipped in boxes. Although I thought boxes never came until the production models.

Kickstarter models came with a cool wild arduboy flyer (I still need one for the UK’s only Arduboy Museum :wink:)

I would also consider the Modus Evade engraved models with flyers semi-official or at the least collectibles that are noteworthy (I need those too).

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wow, lots of great information and pictures. Could you add these to the wiki?