Arduboy with aux Jack for sound

The main focus of this is to add a 3 pin aux jack to the arduboy so mono sounds can be played on headphones and speakers

Someone did this before but I can’t find the post/pictures they took wires out from the speaker pins and attached an aux jack.

Unfortunately I don’t think there is an aux jack thin enough to fit inside the arduboy enclosure.

While that is a good point my main plan is to create an indent in the bottom of the case or 3D print a back panel to fit the aux Jack, do you know if I would need to adjust volume setting for headphones.

Not sure what headphone volume would be like, if you want to add volume control you can add a 10k trimming potentiometer in series with the signal with the other leg tied to ground.

Thanks I might do that also Once I finish the project I will create a YouTube video and or instructions

Wondering if you know where I could find aux Jack for this project all others on amazon/Adafruit are to large.