Arduboy World Editor - TEAM a.r.g. Tool

Arduboy World Editor
This is the open world editor created for TEAM a.r.g. to assist in development of the game Arduventure.

OS: Tested on Windows 10, 7-8 should also work.
Download from Github here.

Getting Started

  1. Download the package/ file from the github repository.
  2. Extract the archive.
  3. Read the WorldEditorManual.pdf

The documentation should be considered incomplete, but there should be enough to get people started. I’ve included the source to the editor for those with Gamemaker Studio 1.4.x.

This software is provided AS IS and without support, however if you run into issues, comment here and I’ll do my best to help out.


WorldEditor_chunk_edit WorldEditor_chunk_tile_select


Cool ! Thanks for the Editor !
Will use it someday.
First I need to receive my arduboy :wink:


Can this be used on a mac?

No, unless someone with the gamemaker mac exporter is around. It might work under Wine or some other windows loader.

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Getting it to work with Mac appears to be harder than I was anticipating…

Perhaps someone who has a Mac and Gamemaker could do the honours of compiling a Mac executable?

Sorry no, it won’t work on Mac. As others have pointed out it could be possible with the right export module and a apple developer account with both a windows pc and a Mac. I had looked into it at one point and could never quite get through all the hurdles.

I have updated the Editor to version 1.2 and it is on the GitHub. This version is not necessarily a complete replacement to version 1.1.


  • Chunks can now only use the first 16 tiles in the tileset. This change cuts the space per chunk from 36 bytes to 18 bytes. A larger tileset can still be used with specifically placed tiles.

With some smart tweaking, you could still have a larger tileset by offsetting the returned value of getTileID depending on region if your tiles follow a common format.