Arduboy World Tour

Hey Arduboy Fans! Announcing the Arduboy World Tour!

I’m going to be doing some traveling so if anyone is in the area and would like to meet up this would be a cool thread to organize a meetup!


  • 26-27 - New York Maker Faire (New York City, USA)
  • 29 - Hax Mini Reunion (London, England)
  • 30 - Arduboy Game Jam (Ghent, Belgium)


  • 3-4 - Berlin Maker Faire (Berlin, Germany)
  • 17-18 - Rome Maker Faire! (Rome, Italy)
  • 19 - Production!! (Shenzhen, China)

France? Hawaii? :wink:

Rome is now pretty much 100%

This is the schedule for now, I’ll update it as I go. If you want to meet up on some place that isn’t listed just let me know and I’ll try to find an excuse to come out there! See you out there folks!

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you are kidding me are you? A game jam in Belgium … Ghent !!! We need to talk (again) :wink:

@bateske I’m organizing our 8th Arduino Jam in Ghent 23-25 of October

Very small game Jam, Mini game jam. :smile:

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If you were near Springfield, MO there is a Mini Maker Faire Aug. 29th :wink:

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Ghent, Belgium sounds great :smiley:
Too bad 30-31 is in the middle of the week though… Also 31th of September doesn’t exist :wink:

Shame that 30th September is a Wednesday else I would have popped down to London to say hi!