Arduboy Writer by Raspberry Pi Zero

Hello, I made “Arduboy Writer” by Raspberry Pi Zero.
I want to change another game without PC. So I made it.
You can write any hex file by this Arduboy Writer.


article (Japanese)を作ってみた


I saw your video on twitter just a bit earlier nice job :+1: I like the big nuts and bolts on the case.

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Thank You!. The big nuts and bolts are also 3D-printable!
This technic is very useful and pretty looking!

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There’s a small typo in the first diagram on your blog.
‘battery’ is misspelt as ‘batrery’

Luckily the diagrams are fairly self-explanatory so you don’t need to know Japanese to understand it.

(Though I could read bits of it - I’m not sure what “Switch Science” (スイッチサイエンス) is, but I’m guessing “Tact Switch” (タクトスイッチ) just means a tactile button/switch.)

Thank you! I misspelt ! (and fixed now)
“Switch Science” is Japanese Electric parts/kit online shop. They also deal with Arduboy :smile: