Arduboy Zero!

I’ve become a little obsessed with making diy versions of the Arduboy, using different enclosures for different looks & feels, and I think I like my latest version the most!

This baby is crammed as neatly as I could get it into an old raspberry pi zero case from Adafruit! The holes where the camera port and power supply would go make it perfect for one end being the microusb port, and the other end being the on/off switch. I drilled a few holes in the base for the pins of the screen and buttons to fit snuggly into, but other than that very few modifications were made to the original case! I’m using a 0.96" display, which seems to work better and more reliably as an sh1106 (though was marketed as ssd1306 and will work for a bit, is very glitchy when set as such and if it performs well it will stop displaying altogether within about 35 seconds) but the pixels don’t start at 0x02, so I had to modify that from @Mr.Blinky 's homemade Arduboy library, otherwise the end of the screen would end up wrapping around to the first two pixels.

Also had some trouble wiring a common cathode rgb, as the logic was inverted (CMY, white, instead of RGB, off) and after much confusion as to why I couldn’t fix this, I decided it’d just be easier to switch it out with a common anode, since I have tons of both.

The piezo speaker is the same one as in the production Arduboy. The typical black plastic piezo speakers were just a bit too fat to fit in the enclosure with the clear lid on.

Lastly, the lithium battery was taken from an old disposable vape pen, as I’ve found it’s the easiest way to get cheap and decent quality lithium-polymer or lithium-ion(depends on the pen, brands are not consistent, seem to just source tons of batteries at once and use what they can) batteries locally in my area, instead of waiting for an online order to arrive.