Arduboy2 Library Updates and Documentation

Hi all. I am curious if the documentation (the generated PDF) listed in GitHub is kept up to date with versions of the library or if it is now out of date?

Also, as a side note, how do I go about updating the library in the IDE as I haven’t used my Arduboy in a long time and I am sure it is not the latest version.

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Off the top of my head
Sketch>>include library >>manage libraries>>search Arduboy2
Or press ctrl+shift+i

The documentation is automatically generated via Doxygen and is updated with each release

Edit: a search for Arduboy will bring up other libraries that may need updating

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As of Arduino IDE version 1.8.6, you can also use:
Tools > Manage Libraries...

Although Doxygen generates the documentation, including the PDF version, (mostly from comments in the source) I have to manually run commands to do so. I then have to manually copy the documentation to the GitHub repository that the URLs point to.

I do this immediately after releasing a new version, so the documentation should always be up to date with the latest official release available through the Arduino Library Manager.


Thanks guys, that helped a lot. :grin:

I’m going to try and get a link to the documentation and some more helpful threads to the front page before Christmas so all the new users who get it as a gift can get started faster.

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That’s a great idea. I’ve been searching for relevant stuff for beginners but apart from in intro page and the crait tutorials I haven’t seem much.

I was hoping to find something similar to what it available on the arduino website with a reference guide to functions, what they do and examples. Is there anything like that for the Arduboy library?

We don’t have examples for all of these but the code definitions are in the doxygen that @MLXXXp has so graciously set up:

Basically I just need to put a link on the front page with this, but there are a lot of other changes I want to do at the same time.

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Have you gone through the past issues of the Arduboy Magazine by @arduboymag?

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Yes. I have them all. I’ve printed out lots of stuff but I think the most useful thing (For me at least) would be the index of functions and commend with description and simple examples. Don’t know if there any resources like this.

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It’s not quite that simple.

The functions aren’t free functions, they’re all tied to a class,
so there’s actually several function lists.

The list of all classes is here:

Each of those links to a list of functions.

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The class members index is probably the best overall list for the Arduboy2 library.