Arduboy2 - The now recommended alternative to the Arduboy Library

(Scott) #137

Arduboy2 library version 5.2.0 has been released and is available through the Arduino Library Manager.

Release change notes:

  • Added function generateRandomSeed(), which will return a random value suitable for seeding random number generators. (This new function is now used by the initRandomSeed() function.) Thanks @Pharap

  • Function drawPixel() has been rewritten to address an issue with the compiler introduced in Arduino V1.8.6. It has also been made static. Plus, it saves a few bytes of program memory. Thanks @Mr.Blinky

  • Constructors were added to the Point and Rect objects used for collision detection features. The collide() functions were made static. Thanks @Pharap

  • Minor cleanup of #include statements. Thanks @Pharap