ArduboyImager - bitmap data generator for Arduboy



ArduboyImager is an image conversion tool for Arduboy.
It generates ready-to-use bitmap data from JPEG or PNG image files.
Since generated data is in C language array format, you can easily embed it in your program sketch.

You can load an image file, scale it, adjust contrast and brightness, then crop it so as to fit to Arduboy’s screen and convert it to C language source code.

Color pixels are converted to black and white dots using three differnt dithering method. (Thanks to ofxDither.)


Click “Open File…” button or hit space bar to open an image file. (in JPEG or PNG format)

There is a black-and-white “focus area” around mouse pointer.

The image under focus area is automatically converted to 1-bit image and previewed in the right of the window.
You can select dithering method by clicking buttons or pressing key 1, 2, or 3.

Move pointer to locate focus to the area you want to capture, then click left button.
The image under focus area is captured and shown in the right bottom of the window.

The image can be moved by dragging. Use cursor keys to adjust focus area position in pixels.
You can change focus area size by “Width” and “Height” slider.

When image capture is done, click one of the buttons under “Copy as…” label.

“a C array” copys C source code to clipboard.
“AbShell commands” copys set of command lines for AbShell.

###Keyboard shortcut

  • 1, 2, 3 for dithering method selection
  • +, - for changing scale
  • cursor keys for moving image by 1 pixel
  • space for opening file select dialog
  • enter to capture current image
    ArduboyImager is developed on openFrameworks.

You need to download and install openFrameworks 0.9.3 or newer to build ArduboyImager.

Download code from

and place source code folder into of_v0.9.3\apps\myApps folder.

Although openFrameworks is a cross-platform toolkit, I have tested only on Windows 7 + VisualStudio 2015 and OS X Yosemite + XCode 7.8.

Windows executable binary is here.

Mac OS X executable is here.



I love the AbShell integration!

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Compilation error on XCode now fixed and executable file is placed here.

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how did you get shell to work?