ArduBOYNG - a simple "PONG inspired" game by an Arduboy noob

(troubadixx) #1

Hi Arduboys and Ardugirls.

I just recently received my kickstarted Arduboy - so I’m a) a bit late to join the community and b) still an Arduboy noob. Nice to meet you all. :relaxed:

I have created my first game - very simple and very retro. I think it’s ready to play and enjoy (if “very retro” is what you’re into). :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Please go ahead and check it out!

Any kind of feedback is highly welcome: Feedback on the game, on the programming, on my grandma’s bank account, etc. :wink:

Currently the game is highly configurable (to the point of being too complex) for I wasn’t sure which combinations of speed, AI strength and acceleration would make good levels. If anyone is willing to try things out and play with the configurations… I’d very much appreciate any input on which settings I may combine into a simpler level scheme in a later version.

Thanks and looking forward to your feedback


A simple game with two paddles and a ball BOYINGing around…
Written for the awesome Arduboy by Kevin Bates.


Download, compile in Arduino, upload to Arduboy, enjoy.



  • Directional keys to navigate and select
  • A or B to start the game


  • Up/down to steer the left paddle
  • A/B to steer the right paddle (in 2 players mode)


  • Mode - who plays against whom
  • 1 player - left paddle controlled by a human, right paddle by Arduboy (default)
  • 2 players - both paddles controlled by humans
  • demo - both paddles controlled by Arduboy
  • Speed - initial veolocity of the ball
  • slow, normal (default), fast, insane
  • Points - points needed to win the game
  • 3, 5, 7, 9
  • AI - strength of Arduboy’s play
  • dumb - Arduboy misses the ball every now and then
  • normal - Arduboy plays quite well (default)
  • smart - Arduboy plays pretty good
  • 100% - Arduboy never misses
  • Acceleration - speed increase at every paddle hit in % of initial speed
  • 0%, 1% (default), 3%, 5%

Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
Eried's Unofficial Repo :)
(Holmes) #2

Can you upload a lil’ video? :smiley:

(troubadixx) #3

Added two pictures to initial post. HTH.

(Cody) #4

Cool great work when my arduboy is here I will install


Great work.
BUT, form what I have seen, the AI seems to be a bit buggy-the paddle will not have the animation when moving but will instantly “snap” to the place where the ball will be landing. Could have improved that…
Other than that, pretty neat.
I too was a n00b anyway… :no_mouth: