ARDUBULLETs - a short time shmups game



Avoid voluminous bullets and defeat enemy squadron in one minute.
The pattern of enemy attack is generated randomly from 5-alphabetic pattern code. You can share the level by telling it.

Title screen Game screen


  • enemy0 Piercer
  • enemy1 Rippler
  • enemy2 Barrager
  • enemy3 Whipper
  • enemy4 Mower


  • D-Pad: Move
  • B button: Shoot
  • A button: Open the menu

mycraft Your craft’s speed becomes slow by holding B button.


Play movie


Download HEX file.
Or check out souce code and build the project in ‘ardubullets’ folder.


Super hyped for this, shmups are my thing! :smile:

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Wow … that looks fantastic! Great work.


So good, Obono isn’t even capable of making a bad game.

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Absolutely right! His games are consistently great.


Yes, I like shmups, too! :gun:

Thanks! :smiley:

Almost of my sketches are porting or demake.
Those lack novelty… :roll_eyes:

There is nothing new under the sun.

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While I suck at this game, and probably games in general :sweat_smile:, I definitely enjoyed it. Loved how it feels like a real barrage of bullets. And slowing the ship down was an awesome touch!

Thank you for your playing.
Yes, slowing the ship down is very important feature for shmups! :small_airplane:

This has quickly become my favorite Arduboy game. I love the concept of the quick playtime, ability to replay patterns or start a new one, difficulty is perfect. Awesome job, your programming skills are top-notch!


I agree completely!
Actually it’s hard for me to play games with such a small device for long time… :tired_face: