Arducity - The city that fits in your pocket

So I’ve been playing Cities Skylines lately and making me think about the old days of playing SNES Sim City and I started wondering…

Here are some really bad proof of concept images I made.

Zoom Level 1:

Zoom Level 2:

Zoom Level 3:

There are glitches in these images I didn’t bother cleaning up because I think it gets the point across.

I figure the system would have to be based around zoom levels is the only way to get any kind of detail. How to handle the memory requirements for sprites and stuff would be interesting, but since you could reuse so many of the assets it shouldn’t be too bad?

A button could place the tool, and then B could go back out to a full screen menu. Realistically the game could be played at the farthest out zoom level, but only zooming in to get a better detail view of how traffic is flowing and what density level certain zones are.

Anyone know how cpu/memory intensive doing something like this would be?

The city could be stored in EEPROM?

Here are a bunch of resources I found online to inspire:

Please add to this thread with other materials, sources, or ideas!


I would say writing to the EEPROM can be dangerous if you do it over and over again. Other than that, I think an elementary version of SimCity may be possible.

With that being said, I would love to see another SimCity game in my pocket. I used to have it on my Palm M500, which had a screen size of 160x160 pixels. The graphics were pretty price and easy-to-read on its screen.


We gonna be ok.

tldr; 1,230,163 write cycles

That said, there is issue about shutting the device mid write, which corrupts the bit.

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The datasheet says 100000 EEPROM write/erase cycles (and only 10000 for flash).

Saw this today.


OMG, Where did you see it?

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Google Images. Haha. Not sure the original game, but I can search for it, again…

A square grid with “big” roads probably makes more sense for this platform.