Arducode...learn to code through the Arduboy!

This is just an idea I had for a “game”. It would teach simple ideas of coding or developing software and games through the Arduboy itself. Possible or not possible? Follow up games in the series would go more in depth or something. Thoughts and opinions welcome! :grinning::v:

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I’ve actually been working on this type of thing on and off for several years now. Most recently I came out with a prototype assembly programming engine for the Arduboy. It lets you write mini programs on the Arduboy. It’s great to hear that there’s interest in a project like this; it’s awesome that a homebrew scene like Arduboy can attract similar minds! :smile:

I have been developing a lesson series as a hobby for a long while, and it’s exciting that it’s becoming more and more real every day!

I haven’t officially released the IDE yet. I plan on improving the language so that it’s fun to use and learn first. I also want to add some gamification to the whole development progress-- Arduboy is a game system after all!

If this kind of thing interests you, I recommend keeping up with my Twitter account. I mostly post videos of whatever Arduboy things I’m working on.


Followed. Looking forward to seeing your project in action!