Introducing Arduglasses

Transparent OLED Lensed PCB Framed Arduboy compatible smart glasses.

Ever since I discovered these transparent OLED a couple years ago, I’ve been wanting to turn them into glasses! When I first tried I could not get them to work, and it was only until I saw a post by Sean Hodgins on twitter about his success with them did I pick the project back up.

The glasses are made out of printed circuit boards from OSH Park. The electronics driving the two displays are entirely on the right side stem of the glasses along with a small 100mAh rechargeable battery that will run the glasses for a little more than an hour. The left side stem is the same PCB, just unpopulated.

The glass OLED displays are sandwiched between two PCB frames and the flexible connector for each display is wrapped around the top side of the glasses into a ZIF connector. The frames are electrically connected to the stem with a small flex circuit, also from OSH Park.

These are powered by the same technology as the Arduboy with the ATmega 32u4 and has all the same pinout so it can run any Arduboy game. It’s got a small joystick that clicks along with another button to give you all the input capability.

The frames and the stem are connected together with a small hinge that is meant for jewelry boxes and other small crafts like that, but has been adapted for cyber purposes.

The two OLED are on the same SPI bus and have separate chip select lines to draw different content to each display, although I’m only using that mode in one demo for simplicity sake.

You can see through the display too, it’s just a little tinted and blurry. Even with the blue LED in your eyes it isn’t too bright you can still see. It’s not practical for every day use, but that should be obvious. But it’s easily something that could be worn around a maker faire if such things still existed.

There are absolutely no plans to put this into production but if there is enough interest I’ll work on open sourcing them and sharing the design files. I will not be selling these in a kit, this is all pretty standard stuff you can order online if you wanted to replicate them or improve on the design.

And of course big thanks to everyone in the community especially @mr.blinky as he helped give lots of support on this project and I used his board package to enable the SSD1309 mode needed for running the Arduboy games on it. And thanks to @taniguchi for his Me is Eye game which is perfect for the glasses!

If you have any questions, ask them below happy to hear your feedback too!

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These look amazing! Great job.

Some kinda input, even a single wire controller or wireless if possible would be an amazing Arduboy!

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It does have the buttons on the side :wink:

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Good enough for Arduventure but probably not Arduracer :stuck_out_tongue:

This is incredible! It is a pity that these wonderful glasses will not be on sale :pensive:

Nice work … you really need to put together a little program that draws googly eyes!


There doesn’t appear to be any additional optics between the displays and your eyes. Without something to change the virtual distance of the displays, I don’t think my eyes would be able to focus that close.

However, it probably wouldn’t be hard to add a lens or two in front of each display to make them appear a bit farther away.

You could probably find room to add a connector for a 7 conductor ribbon cable to attach a 6 button controller. This just has to be wired in parallel with the on board buttons, plus a ground wire.

At 45s:

Or is that not ‘googly’ enough?
(Maybe Kevin should bowl a cricket ball with some spin? :P)

Great job, love the use of pcbs for the entire frame! I really need to get some of these clear oleds, seems they could inspire a bunch of neat unique projects. I’d be interested in you releasing the design files if it’s not too much trouble. Also where’d you get the oled from if you don’t mind me asking?

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Way too fragile! And expensive! I guess, maybe. Would you pay $200? I guess people do have glasses that expensive and more…

They can’t it’s not intended for AR, it’s just for the memes.

They are spendy little dudes!


yea, those are awesome!

Just thinking about how much the 10 oled 3d display that one guy made cost in parts alone lol

Oh, I did not take into account that they are exclusively for memes (if this were a working model, then yes, it would not be a pity to pay $ 200 for this

Heh the founder of discourse (the forum software we are using, and is hosting the site) retweeted. :smiley:


Congratulations for being recognised by someone sort-of-famous,
but commiserations for it being Jeff Atwood. :P

Saw this made HaD, congrats!

Thanks! Here is the link for those curious:

Not sure why does everyone automatically assume this is for AR… and then instantly realize it wouldn’t work for that? “It’s too close to your eyes, you can’t focus”… yeah but I never said this was for AR?

Shouldn’t the fact that all of the images in my demo are facing OUT. It’s just meant to be like a digital badge, just for your face.

To me it’s pretty obviously like those led pixel glasses they sell with outward facing rgb leds that can be configured using a smartphone app over bluetooth. Basically just bling/swag, not meant to be practical beyond looking cool.

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