ArduGods clicker game


Here I present you a clicker game named ArduGods. BEWARE: This game make cause SEVERE wear on your Arduboys buttons and make you recharge batteries more than usual!

Your goal in this game is to gather faith and a cult following to become stronger and be able to battle the rest of the Gods, to reclaim your place among them as the most powerful ever, and it all starts by raising prayers with your Arduboy buttons.

This game goes in the style of the mythical Cookie Clicker game (beware, your mouse will suffer if you ever decide to click on that cookie!) and other clickers out there. Hope you enjoy!

Source Code

ardugods.hex (68.2 KB)


Simple and addicting, I like it… :slight_smile:


Very cute! would you mind uploading the compiled hex to your post here so people can play it in-browser?

I would, but, for some reason I’m not yet allowed to upload anything. (Account’s fresh from today, been a long time lurker…)

I’ve done this for you.


Updated with logo and corrected a bug when resetting the game that left the price of prayers as it was before.