ArduGolf - 18-Hole Mini Golf

I used RetroArch for the original gif (I used RetroArch during development instead of ProjectABE) and my win32 port for the new ones that I just added (it has basic gif output).

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How is that possible? :thinking:

The teapot looks like it doesn’t render either.

This is such a solid game it’s exciting to think that the platform is expanding beyond the hardware!

Sorry, I did have to compile the hex using Mr Blinky’s arduino plugins. But I have to do that for every game. What I mean is that no additional work was required. Some games need some additional tweaking. I had (incorrectly) assumed this would be one of them - that there would be some custom rendering involved that would need accounting for.

Ah ok! I was like whoah someone crafted a magical hex.

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:slight_smile: Yeah, if only. I updated my original comment to better reflect what I meant.

Seems like the emulator issue was fmulsu. Updated with another version that avoids using that instruction.

Just looked up the operation, that’s a pretty fancy and specific instruction. How are you working around using the instruction? Are you just doing the same operation in multiple steps? I suppose this instruction can run in less cycles so you’re losing some speed?

Very curious, very impressed!

I also noticed the documentation mentions something about a possible overflow condition depending on some kind of number formatting of 16 bit numbers so I don’t know if that is at all related to the crash?

Anyways, awesome work! This might just be my new favorite game!

I don’t know if there would be an opportunity for some kind of level editor for this?

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I’m with you there. It’s a blast. And a really well-balanced challenge level. Everything about this is so polished. Can’t believe it’s an initial release. Love the panning cameras, and the ability to get an overview or change the pitch between strokes.

Custom courses loaded to the FX… that would be sweet :grin:

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It turned out to not be too bad: fmulsu does the same thing as mulsu but shifts the result left once. The intended purpose is for multiplying two 1.7 fixed-point numbers to get a 1.15 result instead of a 2.14 result – then you can get the result in 1.7 format by grabbing the high byte. So each fmulsu can be replaced with a mulsu and left shift: example.

The emulator implements fmul and fmuls but not fmulsu. The ProjectABE disassembly view clued me in to this (each unknown opcode is an fmulsu):

As for a level editor, my flow was to make the level geometry in blender.

After exporting to .obj from Blender, the CMake build process for the Windows build automatically converts the .obj files into header files. Then the physics shapes are defined in a basic IMGUI-based editor which is included in the repo:


Seriously next level! Thanks for sharing!

Awesome … I was able to add them to the overall cart and curated cart.

I will have to compile the XL version when I get home.

I’ve played a lot of this yesterday. Definitely my new favourite.

I do have a couple questions/suggestions.

I find a couple of holes might benefit from some minor tweaks:

On hole 11, the first angled wall seems to completely deaden the ball more than the others. Even going at full power, the ball barely gets up the first section of the ‘loop ramp’. I could just be projecting my desire on the ball here though :laughing: And perhaps that’s by design that you can’t on the first shot.

On hole 3, a full power shot almost makes it up the ramp after the first corner, but can’t seem to quite get there. Would be nice to have the potential for a hole in 1.

A couple questions/feature suggestions come to mind as well. I realize this is the initial release, and that you may well have other updates/features already in mind, but I thought I’d list a few, just cause this is such an amazing game, and has tremendous potential for expansion.

  1. Any plans for sounds? I think a nice stroke sound and, especially, a sound when you cup it would be really satisfying, and probably all the sounds you’d really need in this game.
  2. A little celebratory “Hole in One!” text overlay could be a nice touch.
  3. 2 player stroke and skins modes? This would be amazing, IMO. Not may Arduboy games lend themselves to a great 2 player experience, but this one certainly would.
  4. Saving/viewing best scores/round histories
  5. Restart hole option in practice mode.

Again, without any of these suggestions in place, it’s already a near-perfect experience. Thanks so much for putting this in our hands. It’s really got me rethinking what’s possible on the Arduboy. I’m sure a lot of people are going to come up with amazing 3D experiences as a result of this.


Thanks a lot for this great feedback! I agree with your thoughts on holes 3 and 11 and will try to tweak them later today.

Prog space is an issue for adding much more functionality. What I think would be cool is to have an FX edition that loads courses from the flash chip, and maybe streamline the editor process a bit so others can more easily make courses. I just got an FX recently but haven’t toyed around with the flash functionality yet. Moving the current 18-hole course out would free up about 8 KB which would allow adding sounds or more game logic and UI like for two-player modes.

Presently at least, there’s probably enough prog left for the hole-in-one overlay, saved scores, and a restart hole UI. I’ll work on those. :smiley:


You da man! :grin:

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Could be a great submission to the FX game jam! Should be starting in a few weeks with more details soon.

Great job on the game! Really impressive for something running on such hardware. Am i the only one who thought we could easily have a Monkey Ball game using this?

The d-pad to tilt the playfield in all direction and A/B for rotate the view left and right.

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Ha! Nope! That was one of my first thoughts as well :laughing:

EDIT: Other potentially cool ideas I had were:

  1. Bowling
  2. Shuffle Board
  3. Colony Wars-style space shooter
  4. Billiards

Update with those tweaks to holes 3 and 11. Hole-in-one possible on 3. Also possible on 11 but extremely hard.


The aiming behavior is slightly changed: the angle adjust starts out much slower but accelerates when you keep holding down left/right. This both allows better fine-tuned aim adjustments and turning around faster as the max turn speed is greater than before.

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Oh whoah yeah this could be like an engine that powers other similar type games, incredible.

How about that balance maze puzzle game I don’t know what it’s called where you tilt the x and y axis?

Well, Monkey Ball is like, the premium version of that. The original, wooden game you’re probably thinking of is Labyrinth.