Arduino board package for Arduboy and Homemade versions

Yes. But you do not need to take SCLK and MOSI from the ICSP header. With the micro USB connector pointing up, they’re the bottom left and right pins.

I’ve updated the package with the following changes:

board support:

  • Added support for Cathy2K bootloader
  • Added updated Cathy3K with write to flash cart support
  • Moved Homemade Arduboy board option up
  • fixed typos

Arduboy2 library:

  • added generateRandomSeed() from current master
  • Added flash cart hardware pin defines
  • SPItransfer returns SPI data
  • fixed sprite glitch when HEIGHT > 64

Arduboy core:

  • Rx LED will light up when bootloader or reset button combo has been pressed for over 1.5 seconds to inform the user the button combo can be released

To update the package:

  • Go to Tools > Boards > Board manager
  • In the text box type homemade or Arduboy homemade
  • Click on the Arduboy Homemade package and click the Update button.

Awesome stuff i’ll be all over this at the first opportunity.


Updated the package with the new Cathy 3K v1.4 bootloader that has support for external flash storage, the built in flasher menu and a few extra tweaks.

Updated the package to version 1.2.5

Added alternate resolutions for SSD1327 and SSD1329 displays to Arduboy and Arduboy2 libraries:

Arduboy (128x64) resolution for SSD1327/29 :

  • Display 128x64 on 96x96 (left and right 16 pixels off screen, black bars at top and bottom)
  • Display 128x64 on 128x96 (with black bars at top and bottom)
  • Display 128x64 on 128x128 (with black bars at top and bottom)

Native resolutions for SSD1327/29 :

  • 96x96
  • 128x128

Alternate resolutions for SSD1327/29 :

  • 128x64 rotated 90 degrees counter clockwise(portrait mode) on 128x128 display (with black bars at left and right)
  • 128x96 on 128x128 display (with black bars at top and bottom)
  • 96x96 on 128x128 display (with black surrounding border)

Added bootloaders with SSD1327 and SSD1329 128x64 display support

Added @Pharap 's Fixed Points Arduino library

updated Arduboy-TinyFont library


Huzzah! 1943 and Physix for clones!

I presume TinyFont is @Botisaurus’s TinyFont and not some other TinyFont?

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So @Botisaurus is Boti Kis / yinkou !? Yes! it’s his library


Yes that’s me. Wish I could change that GitHub name :joy:

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Nice to meet you. My name is @BlueMax. I am poor at English, so please forgive me if there is a mistake.

I am using the package you made.(It is a very nice package!)
I am making a game, but I noticed that the arduino IDE and arduboy library I am using are old. I replaced them with the latest, 1.8.8 and 5.2.0.
My “ARDUBOY clone” uses “ssd 1309”. When I upload a sketch using “5.1.0”, it works normally, but using “5.2.0” will not work. The right and left will be replaced.

Is there something wrong? If you do not mind, please tell me also. I am sorry in poor English.

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Hi! welcome to the community and nice to hear your working on a game.

You should not install any libraries manually when you make use of the HomeMade package.

The Arduboy2 library in the homemade package will soon be updated to 5.2.0


Thank you for your quick reply.
I am looking forward to the update!

I want to thank you. I was able to meet ARDUBOY thanks to your “BreadBoy” article. And “Flashcart(ridge)” and “Cathy3K bootloader” are a really wonderful invention. Without them, I would not have been interested in “ARDUBOY” either. I also used it for my “ARDUBOY clone”!

I’m sorry for my poor English.


Updated the board package to 1.2.6

  • updated Arduboy2 library to 5.2.1
  • updated ATMlib to 1.2.6
  • added support for LCD_ST7565 backlit displays
  • Added flash chipselect options to tools menu
  • optimized core wiring.h
  • Enter bootloader mode button combo changed to pressing UP+DOWN for ~1,5 seconds
  • updated Cathy3K bootloader: removed RGB LED breathing, added menu scrolling and progressbar features
  • added -Wno-error=narrowing compiler option to platform.txt that is required for Arduino IDE versions 1.8.7 and up.

Does it support 3.3v 8MHz Pro Micro boards?

The 8MHz Pro Micro is not supported. Mainly because you can run a 5V 16MHz Pro Micro at 3.3V as well.

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Updated the package to 1.2.7. Main new feature:

I2C support for SSD1306 displays :smiley:


Is it very hard to add support for the 3v3 version?
Say you have this version laying arround (maybe orderred the wrong version, as i did a couple off times :blush:) and you want to put it to good use?

3.3V @ 16MHz is the same as 5V @ 16MHz :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s actually quite easy to add support for compiling for 8MHz (bootloader needs more work though). I didn’t add it though because besides the 1/2 speed, if you select the wrong speed for your board you’ll definetly need a reset button as USB won’t work in that case.

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Wrong speed selection yep been there.
When that happens, its a pain in the a@#…

Please don"t add if it is too much of a hassle, i was just wondering if it was do-able because i’ve seen the question being asked before.

Are games even playable at half speed?
In normal usage you don’t even notice.
But with a screen attached…

The slower ones should be, like Dark & Under or Minesweeper.