Arduino DIY Kit?

Hi, does someone of you have some sort of DIY-Set of the Arduboy which he can send me maybe? I looked up for the parts but i couldn’t get all parts in Germany, which makes iit a bit hard for me to build one by my own(I would like to buy one but my mother means it a toy for small kids but i’m just like: Mom please stop saying these things, why can’t you buy me one as a birthday present for my last three birthdays you even forgot it was my birthday…) well it would be really nice from you if this is possible only :slight_smile:

Greetings from Germany :de:

I’m fairly certain you can order all of the parts online.

Have a dig through the homemade section and see what other people have said that they’ve used.

People sometimes link to where to buy from.

For what it’s worth, a couple of arguments against “Arduboy is just a toy for small children”:

  • The majority of people here are probably at least 30-40 going by the comments in this thread (a lot of “I learnt in the1980s” and “I learnt in the 90s”)
  • The video game industry is (in general) worth more than the film industry
  • Technology is becoming very important, programmers are in demand and programming (or even a basic understanding of programming) is a useful skill to have
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