Arduino Gameboy Cartridge?

(Scott R) #81

Wow this is progressing well.
Maybe use start & select for scaling and LR to mirror AB or dpad?


(Shawn) #83

Just read on hackaday, congrats uXe!


Thanks @sjm4306 - now we just need to get that 4-layer GBA cartridge PCB design off the ground :grin:

(Kevin) #85

@uXe how many times have you even been on hackaday now with your Arduboy hacks? 3? or is this 4?


Ha! Yes, this would make 4:

  1. Arduboy ‘Classic’
  2. Arduboy-on-a-NES-cart
  3. VGA1306
  4. Arduboy-on-a-GBA-cart

…where’s that badge? :smile:


Have been researching / developing towards a cartridge design with an ESP32 onboard - a big road-block though is what I have been reading about the heavy power consumption of the ESP32… not sure the GBA’s 2xAA batteries will have the juice to support it! One idea is to give the cartridge its own battery, like Nintendo did for their rumble carts - could use a ‘AAA-sized’ 10440 3.7V Lithium Ion battery in a cart design like this:

But then having to recharge the cart battery, and separately maintain your GBA batteries could become a turn-off… don’t want to have to mod the GBA because the whole point is supposed to be a self-contained Arduboy-on-a-cartridge!

Any insights / suggestions for IoT platforms that are both Arduino-friendly and low-power?


nRF52840 might be worth looking in to - has Arduino support, and built-in USB…