Arduino Graphics distortion [Solved]

Welp I’m an idiot. I hadn’t used my Arduboy in a few months and decided to use it again. I completely forgot to select that my board was an Arduboy and left it as a Leonardo. When the Arduboy booted, the logo and everything looked extremely distorted.

I’ve tried selecting the Ardoboy as my board and even hit the reset button a few times before uploading. Nothing seems to be working. Does anybody have suggestions or am I going to have to buy myself a new Arduboy?

Nah, everything is all right. This is a result of not having the latest versions of the libraries updated or running a game that uses the origonal library.

From the looks of it it may be an old version of ARAKNOID that might have done this?

The reset button will work, just need to press it right exactly when it says “uploading…” keep at it!

Shouldn’t even need the reset button. The screen corruption caused by an old version of the library won’t affect being able to upload a new sketch.

And @sportsquid, selecting Arduino Leonardo instead of Arduboy is perfectly acceptable.

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@bateske @MLXXXp Thank you so much for the fast responses. I downloaded some newer games and used a game loader as well. Everything is working fine. Sorry for asking such a silly question.