Arduino IDE fork, specifically for Arduboy development

I started fork and did a few quick changes to the Arduino IDE in order to aid Arduboy development. You can see my changes accented by the green dots.

There is a new button that launches the desktop Arduboy simulator.

A purple background to make the IDE match the simulator.

Some custom text showing the status of the launcher button.

Very early, day one stuff, but I hope I can gather some interest. Advantages, super fast iteration time, no hardware required, and theoretically portable to Linux, Windows, Mac.

I look forward to porting some of my web simulator debugging tools to the desktop. The biggest gain here would be source level breakpoints.

This could also settle some setup frustrations in the future. Thinking future setup instructions could be download an Arduboy IDE, instead of modify version blank of the Arduino IDE with version blank of the Arduboy library. The IDE is very hackable.


Great work. This will help to simplify things for people and we can help integrate some useful tools into the IDE like image conversion.


How do I install this? I’ve been waiting for a simulator for a very long time.

It’s in a source only distribution state right now. Requires Linux and some level of build experience. I was probing for commonly used OSes. I think I heard OSX / Windows both of which should be supportable, but I don’t really have the resources / inclination to support those. I might consider one or the other if I could get majority of users backing a single choice.

This would be a great project for someone to assist with. Installers and or cross platform support.

@blakewford why don’t you put on a poll ? Majority wins :smile:

Make your choice for OS the emulator will run on

  • Linux
  • Windows
  • Mac OS

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Looks very nice! Are you planning on setting up the emulator source in a separate repo? Depending on your bulid system/scripting you might be able to cross compile to a Windows/Wine compatable binary.

The emulator is part of a much larger project located here

I think is fully cross compilable, I just so rarely use a Window or OSX.

I just ported the GTK based UI for the emulator from native GTK to GTK#.

Now I think anyone who downloads MonoDevelop can easily build that portion on Linux, Windows or Mac.

I still need to do some work on the MinGW native library build, but that seems to be going well. Any progress I make on that front will go here

In line with poll once these builds are complete a Mac build should be trivial.

Awesome work. Can you please let me know what is the procedure to fork arduino IDEO from the Github repo? How do I compile a new fork? What tools do you use?

@rajvigneshtn Try

For using git, or github, search around in their help docs. It can be a little tricky, but there are lots of guides online about how to fork and manage a project, so you can find one that works for you.

The IDE uses Java and an ant build process, so you will need ant the JDK, version 8.

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You’re certainly welcome to edit your main post any way you like, including the requirements for installation. In fact this reply might just be a suggestion ; )

How do I install this I am on windows 10 and I use the .exe for arduino 1.6.5

Personally, I’ve used the normal Ardiuno IDE and makefile method. I haven’t tried this particular build, sorry I can’t help you out further. The stock tools should work just fine for your needs. Try this build if you want to see what the community is up to in terms of a toolset.

Hey, you can have a look at netbeans with the arduino plugin. You have more powerful features like code completion and so on. Maybe you can create a plugin for this ide too?
Would be great to see smth :slight_smile:

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Yes, it would be possible setup the netbeans IDE this way. Definitely worth doing.

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