Arduino uno/Df Robot Input Shield V2

Good afternoon all,
I have recently become interested in video game technologies and am only a beginner. I am attempting to put some sort of game (squario) onto my Arduino Uno using a zip file from the GitHub website. It compiles the sketch but cannot upload into my Arduino?? If anyone has any knowledge on said topic it would be greatly appreciated.
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LL Vincent

What setup are you using?
(Screen type, pinouts, library etc.)

Arduboy games won’t run directly on an Uno, you’d need to have some custom setup in place (e.g. modified version of the Arduboy2 library).


If you only want Squario, then it might be simpler to just modify the Squario sketch to use libraries that already support the Uno, and that Input Shield, and whatever display you are using? Rather than attempting something as blasphemous as modifying Arduboy2!

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I enjoy a good blaspheme now and again :P


I’m using a nokia screen and the library I’m using is the curlyc/Squario file from How would go about modifying or finding a modified version? I’m using a pinout i found on google.

I’m able to get the screen to light up but i cannot get the sketch/code to compile into the Arduino.

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I would like to take the in-blasphemous route as possible lol, however my programing skills are extremely primitive. Any advice I would be extremely grateful for.

It looks like you are trying to use the UNO instead of the Leonardo, which is possible but not something I would suggest with beginners. Based on that Fritzing sketch you might also be using an LCD that is not compatible with the Arduboy games directly.

You might want to check this thread for more information on building an arduboy compatible:

What you are doing isn’t impossible, just pretty tough. If you can start over with a leonardo and the correct oled I think you’ll be in better shape!

Arduino Uno? Nokia LCD? Mario? Enjoy:


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The Gamebuino Classic also uses the Uno’s ATmega328, and a Nokia LCD, so if you have success with that instructable then your next goal might be to port the Gamebuino version of Mario:

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